Point Pelee National Park

Ontario, Canada

By Cassie Hinshaw

Fun Facts

"A common sight at Point Pelee in late summer and autumn is the large, white tent-like tangles in the trees. Speculation as to what they are ranges from the handiwork of giant spiders to the workings of tent caterpillars. Those that guess tent caterpillars are closest to the correct answer. These webs are made by a caterpillar known as the fall web worm, and it is a close relative of the tent caterpillars." (Parks Canada) You can hike, boat, and spend time at the beach.
Some of the habitats here include marshes, forest, beaches, and fields. In the marsh, their is a long bridge that you can walk. Plants include red cedars, cottonwoods, willows, hop trees, and honey locusts, black walnut, chinquapin oak, swamp white oak, tuliptree, red mulberry, blue ash, and sassafras. Many of the animals and insects that live there are moles, monarch butterflies, and the fox snake.


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