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Who are the Holiday House Lighting Heroes you ask?

Scott, Sterling and Dakota (from left to right) are our names and with us, no games. We are 3 college students trying to earn some extra money for the holidays and until that job market picks up we would love to help you with what we have done for our parents for years. Scott and Sterling are Baylor Buds and Dakota is a Boomer Sooner and our lighting team would love to become your Holiday Heroes because with all of the craziness around the holidays, wouldn't it be easier to cross setting up holiday lights off the list? Let us take care of your outdoor holiday lighting needs giving you more time to enjoy those wonderful holiday traditions.

We Didn't Forget About Lighting the House

Fear of heights? Not us! If you don't have the time or just don't feel like climbing on the roof to install your holiday lights, we would love to take on that initiative! (Disclaimer: We will not let your house look like the Griswalds...unless asked).

Holiday House Lighting Heroes to the Rescue!

For more information about pricing and who we are or for any questions please contact our owner Scott Karban and he will be happy to answer all inquiries. Happy Holidays and we hope to meet you soon!