Kindergarten Kreations




This week we really looked deep into Non-Fiction text and practiced "Asking Questions" using our "Question Words" (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) to learn more about the text and topic. Our topic this week was the Moon and the Planets. I loved hearing all the kids higher-level questioning. For example some questions were; "If the moon doesn't have gravity, then how did the astronauts walk on the moon?" "If the Earth orbits the Sun, then how is there a sunset?" Amazing!
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Adding and Decomposing Numbers to 5

We are still working on adding using various tools as well as showing and explaining our math thinking. We will begin subtracting soon. Please continue helping your child work on writing the numbers 0-20 (especially the teen numbers) as well as recognizing the teen numbers out of sequential order. We work on these in class, however, in order to master these, we need lots of time on task and practice. Also, practice just counting to 100 by 1's!


Informational and Journal Writing

We are continuing to write Non-Fiction/Informational pieces and we have begun to write in Journals. I am so amazed and proud of their growth. See below. Amazing....
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Parent/Teacher Conference Times

I will send home your conference time on Tuesday.

Thursday, February 11th is Half Day

Thursday, February 11th is a half day of school for all students. In kindergarten, the A.M. kiddos will come from 8:20-10:00 a.m. and the P.M. Kiddos will come from 10:00-11:40 a.m. Please let me know if you have questions.

100's Day/Valentine's Day

We will be celebrating 100's Day and Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 11th. I will have some activities planned for the festivities. The only thing the kiddos need to bring in are: The 100's Day Math Project, which I sent home in the homework packet and Valentine Cards. (the cards are optional).

If you wish to have your child pass out Valentine's Day cards, please send them with your child on Thursday, February 11th. Do Not put kids names on the envelopes. Each class has 22 students.

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