Clothing Imagery- Act 3


Quote #1- Banquo

"Are with the most indissoluble tie

Forever knit.” (3.1.17-19)


  • More of a metaphorical quote
  • Upperclassmen (Banquo and Macbeth) have the ability to obtain a sturdy and classy tie to demonstrate their fashion statement
  • Underclassmen may not have been eligible to have fancy ties but had to make their own ties that might have not been as long lasting.
  • Literary Devices: Metaphor, Dramatic Irony, Foreshadow
  • Theme: False Appearances

Quote #2- Macbeth

"Let your remembrance

Apply to Banquo, present him eminence

Both with eye and tongue; unsafe the while, that we

Must lave our honours in these flattering streams

And make our faces vizards to our hearts,

Disguising what they are." (3.2.30-35)

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  • Lady Macbeth doesn't know that Macbeth has plotted Banquo's murder
  • Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth to treat him with high respect, as they must appear honourable
  • Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth, that in order to maintain a festive atmosphere during the banquet, they must hide their true feelings
  • Make their faces hide what is in their hearts
  • Literary Devices/Terms: Foreshadowing, Metaphor, Imagery (Clothing)
  • Themes: False Appearances, Disguise and Deception, Loyalty vs. Betrayal
Frozen:Hans Betrays Anna (Movie Scene)


Quote #3-Macbeth

“Upon my head they plac’d a fruitless crown

And put a barren sceptre in my grip” (3.1.62-63)


  • Macbeth is afraid of the loyalty and courage that Banquo possess’
  • Banquo reproved the witches when they first told Macbeth he would be King
  • Macbeth is afraid the offspring of Banquo will be the next King
  • Macbeth thinks that he has been given a crown and a sceptre but, he has no children to pass it down to
  • The crown and sceptre represent the glory and power of a King
  • Literary device: Metaphor, Imagery (clothing)
  • Theme: Appearance vs. reality,

The Tale of Macbeth (South Park Style)

Quote #4-Macbeth

"Then prophet-like,

They hail'd him father to a line of kings.

Upon my head they place a fruitless crown" (3.1 60-62)


  • This quote is from when Macbeth had just become king and he had met with Banquo and a servant, and then had a soliloquy
  • During the soliloquy Macbeth realizes that the witches explained that Banquo's children will be the King
  • Macbeth wants his lineage to be carried on but realizes he has "fruitless crown", meaning his lineage will not be carried on
  • This soliloquy is the point in the Act where Macbeth realizes he wants Banquo and his seeds to be murdered in order for his lineage to be carried on
  • This clothing imagery due to the fact the clothing piece, which is a crown, is used so one can see how the crown is only given to Macbeth but will not be given to his lineage, since he it said to be a fruitless crown

Quote #5

"With twenty mortal murders on their crowns" (3.4.81)


  • Macbeth has killed Duncan
  • talking to lady Macbeth about how he feels about it
  • metaphor comparing Duncan's murder to Jesus' crucifixion-making it a biblical allusion
  • the line means fatal wounds on his head
  • Jesus had a crown of thorns placed on his head
  • this shows Macbeths guilt once again
  • also shows us the severity of Duncan's death
  • also Duncan's death was a sacrifice for Macbeth to become king just like Jesus' for us to live the way we do today
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