Deadlines, Upcoming Workshops, Opportunities

Enrollment & Project Selection - DEADLINE JUNE 1

JUNE 1 is the deadline for 4-H Enrollment and Project Selection in Dawes County. Youth who have not enrolled by this deadline are NOT eligible to participate in the Dawes County Fair or 4-H Contests.

This includes:

1. Youth ages 5-18 (by January 1, 2016)
2. Volunteers who have direct contact with youth (leaders, superintendents, workshop helpers/facilitators, 4-H Executive Council, committee members, etc).

Enroll through 4HONLINE:
  • 4-H ONLINE - Member/Volunteer Enrollment System. Members and Volunteers will enroll themselves and their projects through this program. Please use our 4-H Online Enrollment Instruction document to help you!
  • Membership fee is $3.00 for youth ages 8-18 and free for Clover Kids. Please make checks payable to Dawes County 4-H Council.
  • Project Resource Central has a list of all Nebraska 4-H Certified Projects.

4HOnline will no longer support Internet Explorer 10 and older due to security concerns. Please use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

We want to assist you through this process and are ready, willing, and able to do so.

Livestock Quality Assurance - DEADLINE JUNE 1

All youth who plan to show a market or breeding animal at the Dawes County Fair MUST complete 3 modules of Livestock Quality Assurance by June 1. Click on this Resource Document to help you. There is a $5.00 fee, payable online,

Rabbits, Poultry, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, and Goats.

A test out exam is available in the office, free of charge, for Intermediate and Senior levels.

Youth may come to the office and use a computer to complete their Quality Assurance modules.

Animal Affidavits (ID Sheets) - DEADLINE JUNE 1

4-H Animal Affidavits (ID Sheets) are required on the following:
Rabbit, Horse, Beef (Market, Breeding Heifer, Feeder Calf), Dairy, Sheep (Market, Breeding), Goat (Market, Breeding, Dairy), and Swine (Market).

Affidavits may be picked up/completed in the office. They are also available online on our website.

HORSE - we keep a copy of all affidavits in our office, but do ask that youth stop in and check them for accuracy. You may complete an affidavit on as many horses as you would like!

Animals that require an ID may not be added after June 1!

Upcoming Workshops, Camps, and Contests

We have several upcoming opportunities to learn, participate, and challenge yourself. This will be your last notice on many of these so PLEASE review the list carefully. ALL OPPORTUNITIES are shown on our 4-H Website as well with flyers and registration forms available.

REMEMBER, 4-H Enrollment isn't mandatory for camps and workshops, just contests so share this information with others!

May 19
- Horseback Riding Practice 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Fairgrounds in Chadron. GREAT TIME TO PRACTICE FOR THE DISTRICT 4-H HORSE SHOW!
May 24 - Hop 2 It Rabbit Workshop, FREE, 1-3 pm, Fairgrounds in Chadron, pre-register by May 20. ACTIVITIES FOR AGES 5-18!
May 24 - Rabbit Tattooing, 3-4 pm, Fairgrounds - TATTOO IS REQUIRED FOR ALL RABBITS SHOWN AT DAWES COUNTY FAIR
May 24 - Beef Fitters Clinic, FREE, 5-8 pm, Fairgrounds. Bring your animal or just come to learn. Vetter Building will be open at 1 pm that afternoon for anyone wanting to bring in their blocking chute or animal.
May 26 - Horseback Riding Practice, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Fairgrounds in Chadron
May 31 - Sheep & Goat Clinic, 9 am - 2 pm, Fairgrounds in Chadron, Pre-Register by May 25 (to ensure we have enough food and pens for animals).
May 31 - Sheep & Goat Weigh-in, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, Fairgrounds in Chadron. All market animals MUST BE WEIGHED IN. Bottle Lambs may also be brought in so you have a starting weight for your record book.
June 5 - Sheridan County Progress Show, Fairgrounds in Gordon. Flyer, Rules, and Registration
June 7-8
- Wilderness Wonders Camp is BACK! Pre-registration due by May 24. Registration Additional Information Flyer
June 9-11 - 4-H Horse Camp, Ft. Robinson State Park. Pre-registration due by May 20. Brochure Registration
June 10-19 - Dawes County 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest
June 12 - Dawes County 4-H Progress Show, Fairgrounds in Chadron. Flyer, Rules, and Registration - PRE-REGISTER BY JUNE 1 AND SAVE $5!
June 13 - Wyobraska Horse Judging (Clinic & Competition), 8 - 9 am registration, LaGrange, WY. Registration Form
June 16 - Western Livestock Challenge, 8-9 am Registration; 9-noon Clinic; 1 - 3 pm Competition; 3-4 pm Awards, $10 FEE for Youth. Jackpot Judging for Adults!
Box Butte County Fairgrounds, Hemingford
June 19-21 - PASE / Life Challenge, East Campus, Lincoln. Financial assistance may be available for all who attend! Registration deadline is June 3.
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