Techology legends


who are they?

Tim Berners Lee made the internet. Or www, World Wide Web. He was a British software designer. Alan Turing had of an idea of a thinking machine and then he later on and helped made Colossus, a machine used to crack Nazi codes in the first world war.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was 24 when he dreamed of a machine that could think, a computer. It read symbols and understood them. It cold solve math equations as well. He later on made Colossus which could decipher German codes in WWI. It was destroyed but fortunetly there was a lot we learned and we later on made the 1st generation computer.

Sir Tim Berners Lee

S.T.B.L invented the world wide web. He was a British software engineer that had lots and lots... aand LOTS of paperwork. He had an idea of the internet. It connected computers, could send messages using ip adresses like mail has adresses. No one owned the internet and it was a space for everybody.