Charmin Ultra Strong

6th Period

What The Commercial Was About

The commercial was about Toilet paper (Charmin Ultra Strong.)And it's Trying to persuade us to buy it by using bears.

The Technique That Was Used

The Technique that was use was "Red Herring" & "Critique."

Critique~is when the person is trying to pick apart the flaws ,finding the good and bad about the topic.

Red Herring~is using a distraction or confusion to avoid an issue and convince your audience.

Did The Commercial Make Me Buy The Product?

I Didn't think the commercial Was convensing because would it really happen?-Mackenzie

The Commercial didn't really convince me because it's Was Stupid.-Josabet

No Because I don't use that brand of toilet paper-Luzelena

No Because It's Was Boring-Amber

No I Alredy Have Toilet Paper-Emmanuel

The Affects

We Think That The Audience Would Want To Buy It.

The Commercial Gave Good Reasons and explained why we should buy it by using a bear that was cleaner than ever.

It also Said The toilet paper was STRONGER Than any Other toilet paper.

Those are the reasons why we think the audience would actually want to buy it.