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April 2021 Newsletter

Annual CTE Program Evaluation - Due by May 13, 2021

Greetings CTE Teachers!

It’s that time of year where we ask each of you to complete the CTE Program Evaluation. This instrument allows you to not only evaluate your program, but also provide insight into what needs you may have to support and elevate your program. Please plan for 15-20 minutes to complete this evaluation. Also, take this seriously as it is used as part of our planning and support each year and allows you the opportunity to list the needs you have for your program.

We read every response so make sure to be as thorough as possible. Remember, this is your dedicated time to share your program needs for next year!

Evaluation link:

Please complete the evaluation by May 13, 2021.

Dallas ISD CTE Industry-Based Certification Report Status

Industry-Based Certifications (IBC) are part of the TEA’s CTE Program of Study Initiative and CCR accountability measures. Due to the increased state accountability in CTE, it is the expectation that all CTE Programs of Study offer an A-F certification each year. IBC One-Pager

Industry-Based Certifications for each career cluster and their related resources can be found here.

Google Analytics Certification is a free option for those that do not have access to their typical A-F certification. Additional Google Analytics resources can be found here.

The final step is to log all certifications (passed or failed) in the Certification Tracking Sheet.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your Program Coordinator or one of the following:

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2021 Dallas ISD/NAF Internship Expo

The Dallas ISD/ NAF Internship Expo was held on March 30, 2021, in a virtual platform environment. This event was a success for all the participating students, partners, and volunteers. Over 300 high school juniors participated in mock interviews and resume' preparation sessions to prepare for this event. As a result, they were able to present quality and professional resumes, and apply for 182 internship opportunities.

In addition, we helped 29 employers, 11 colleges, 16 workshop facilitators, and lots of volunteers in the networking sessions prepare their booths and create a welcoming virtual environment to have impactful connections with all the participants. The expo opened with a video message from Richard Grimsley, Dallas ISD CTE Director, welcome from Jorge Calderon, Capital One Senior Managing Director, and Curtis “Action” Jackson’s delivery of an inspirational message and musical selection from The Jackson Twins.

Prospective employers were available to facilitate internship interviews, professional workshops, and networking session for the juniors. Several college and university representatives in attendance set up booths for student recruitment during the college fair.

The conference closed out with another amazing motivational speaker, Blake Odum with the Motivational Foundation, who enlightened and encouraged the students.Thank you to all of the students, teachers, and volunteers for your valued participation.

Special Thank You to Mansoureh Tehrani and Charles Ostermann for taking the lead in coordinating the event, including Dallas ISD CTE Coordinators, and industry partners for supporting this annual empowering event. Also, special thank you to Capital One for sponsoring the event and allowing us to make this event exceptional.

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Manufacturing Cluster

The Manufacturing Career Cluster focuses on planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products. This includes related professional and technical support activities such as production planning and control, maintenance, and manufacturing/process engineering.

Students can pursue an industry-based certification recognized by industry leaders in areas such as:

  • MSSC (Manufacturing Skills Standards Council) Certified Production Technician
  • NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) and Industrial Technology Maintenance (TIM)- Maintenance Operations,
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • AWS Certified Welder, D1.1, D9.1.

The programs of study are as follows:

Advanced Manufacturing and Machinery Mechanics - The Advanced Manufacturing and Machinery Mechanics program of study focuses on the assembly, operation, maintenance, and repair of electromechanical equipment or devices. CTE learners may work in a variety of mechanical fields, gaining knowledge and experience in robotics, refinery and pipeline systems, deep ocean exploration, or hazardous waste removal.

Students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate professional standards/employability skills as required by business and industry.
  • Apply manufacturing concepts to specific problems.
  • Apply communication, mathematics, and science knowledge and skills to manufacturing activities.
  • Manufacture products using the appropriate tools, equipment, machines, materials, and technical processes.
  • Apply software skills to manufacturing.
  • Gain skills in writing programmable logic controls so that a robot can work in coordination with a machine.
  • Perform functions and solves problems in the electricity and electronics field.
  • Learn skills in production and programming of computer numerical control (CNC) operations.
  • Use mathematical processes to acquire and demonstrate mathematical understanding.
  • Apply design skills to manufacturing.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of mechanical and fluid systems.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of electrical and thermal systems.
  • Analyze quality-control systems
  • Develop a system using electrical controls and pneumatics or hydraulics devices.

Welding - The Welding program of study focuses on the development and use of automatic and computer-controlled machines, tools, and robots that perform work on metal or plastic. CTE learners will learn how to modify parts to make or repair machine tools or maintain individual machines, and how to use hand-welding or flame-cutting equipment.

Students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate professional standards/employability skills as required by business and industry.
  • Explore the characteristics of a successful worker in the global economy.
  • Evaluate the function and application of the tools, equipment, technologies, and materials used in welding
  • Compare and contrast welding joint design, material symbols, and welds.
  • Apply academic skills in relationship to welding.
  • Apply the concepts and skills of welding projects.
  • Perform and analyze oxy-fuel cutting processes on carbon steels
  • Perform and analyze shielded metal arc welding principles and practices on metals.
  • Perform and analyze gas metal arc welding principles and practices.
  • Understand welding joint design, symbols, and welds
  • Analyze the concepts and intricacies of inspections and related codes.
  • Analyze flux cored arc welding principles and practices on metals.
  • Analyze gas tungsten arc welding on metals. The student is expected to perform weldment fabrications.

Dallas ISD CTE Manufacturing Endorsement

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Career Cluster focuses on planning, managing, providing scientific research & professional and technical services, including laboratory testing services within research & development services.

Students can pursue an industry-based certification recognized by industry leaders in areas such as Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, CompTIA IT Fundamentals, Comp TIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Cloud Architect, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence, IT Support & Help Desk Certifications, Microsoft Security Testing, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Medical Laboratory Technician and many more.

Some of our programs are supported with the PLTW curriculum and work-based learning, and are considered Academies under the NAF umbrella. Each cluster provides opportunity and support for student involvement in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO's) such as Skills USA and the Technology Student Association (TSA). The four programs of study the district offers are as follows:

Engineering - The Engineering program of study focuses on the design, development, and use of engines, machines, and structures. CTE learners will learn how to apply science, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to the innovation, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of different manufacturing systems.

Students will learn to:

  • Dig deep into the engineering design process, applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects like designing a new toy or improving an existing product.
  • Explore a broad range of engineering topics including mechanisms, strength of structure and materials, and automation, and then they apply what they know to take on challenges like designing a self-powered car.
  • Learn important aspects of building and site design and development, and then they apply what they know to design a commercial building.
  • Discover and explore manufacturing processes, product design, robotics, and automation, and then they apply what they have learned to design solutions for real-world manufacturing problems.
  • Explore the foundations of computing by engaging in circuit design processes to create combinational logic and sequential logic (memory) as electrical engineers do in industry.
  • Investigate and design solutions in response to real-world challenges related to clean and abundant drinking water, food supply, and renewable energy.
  • Identify a real-world challenge and then research, design, and test a solution, ultimately presenting their unique solutions to a panel of engineers.

Biomedical - The Biomedical Science program of study focuses on the study of biology and medicine in order to introduce CTE learners to the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the healthcare field, such as researching and diagnosing diseases, pre-existing conditions, or other determinants of health. Students may also practice patient care and communication.

Students will learn to:

  • Design and study data analysis to outbreaks, clinical empathy, health promotion, and more. Students explore the vast range of careers in biomedical sciences. They develop not just technical skills, but also in-demand, transportable skills that they need to thrive in life and career.
  • Understand human body system through projects such as determining the identity of a skeleton using both forensic anthropology and DNA analysis, students examine the interactions of human body systems and apply what they know to solve real-world medical cases.
  • Delve into activities like designing a prosthetic arm as they follow the life of a fictitious family and investigate how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.
  • Build on the knowledge and skills gained from previous courses to design their own innovative solutions for the most pressing health challenges of the 21st century.

Cybersecurity - The Cybersecurity program of study includes the occupations and educational opportunities related to planning, implementing, upgrading, or monitoring security measures for the protection of computer networks and information. This program of study may also include exploration into responding to computer security breaches, viruses, and administering network security measures.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify motivations for hacking
  • Identify and describe the impact of cyber-attacks on the global economy, society, and individuals.
  • Distinguish between a cyber defender and a cyber attacker
  • Differentiate types of hackers based on behaviors such as black-hats, white-hats, and gray-hats hackers
  • Determine possible outcomes and legal ramifications of ethical versus malicious hacking practices
  • Debate whether it is ever appropriate to engage in ethical or malicious hacking practice.
  • The median income in the Information Security Analysis and Computer System Analysts $83k to $91K per year.

Programming and Software Development - The Programming and Software Development program of study explores the occupations and education opportunities associated with researching, designing, developing, and testing operating systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software for medical, industrial, military, communications, aerospace, business, scientific, and general computer applications. This program of study may also include exploration into creating, modifying, and testing the codes, forms, and script that allow computer applications to run.

Students will learn to:

  • Articulate the principles of system design such as procedural, object-oriented, and event-driven processes
  • Perform a logical design using appropriate software tools
  • Use algorithmic and data structure concepts
  • Identify constraints
  • Identify modular design concepts
  • Document the design specification using a defined procedure
  • Solves problems using different types and levels of programming languages
  • Differentiate among the concepts of data, procedural, object-oriented, and event-driven representation
  • Identify current programming languages and the environment in which each is used
  • Produce procedural and object-oriented programs using structured coding with appropriate style and clarity of expression
  • Demonstrate skill in program testing
  • Compare computed results with anticipated results to determine the reasonableness of the solution
  • The median income within programming and software development ranges from $80k - $103K per year

Dallas ISD CTE STEM Endorsement

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Cosmo Girls from Skyline High School Complete Cosmetology Operator's License

Congratulations to the 11 students in the Skyline Cosmetology Program for completing both portions of the state exam to earn their Cosmetology Operator License.

It's amazing to see our students obtain their certification this year despite the challenges provided through COVID 19 and Virtual Learning. This is awesome and exciting for these students and their instructor, Ms. Tracy Williams.

"When you look better, You feel better"

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Dallas ISD Students Participate in CREW: Commercial Real Estate Women Competition

On March 4, 2021, four of Dallas ISD schools (North Dallas HS, Conrad HS, Skyline HS and Spruce HS) competed in the annual CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) competition.

CREW Dallas is a powerful network that creates success for women in commercial real estate. With an average membership of 350 each year, CREW Dallas is the leading organization for decision-making executive women, providing opportunities for networking, education, leadership development and civic/philanthropic involvement. Twenty young ladies were selected to compete in this all women competition event.

The students combined for three teams, in which they were given a piece of commercial property and tasked with turning each into a profit-making property. The students worked with local commercial real estate experts and presented their ideas to a group of judges.

Congratulations to the team of Conrad and Spruce High School students as the top winner recognized by judges as having the best presentation. Special thank you to Ms. Foppe and Ms. McIver at Conrad HS, Ms. Muskin at North Dallas, Mr. Early at Spruce, and Ms. Atkins at Skyline for having your students prepared to participate in this event. Also, special thank you to Mr. Jason Green for your support with our Industry Partners group.

Green Careers Dallas Presents the Renewable Energy Project

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, students at City Lab High School participated in the virtual event, Green Careers Dallas Presents the Renewable Energy Project. The purpose of the event is for students to understand their role in environmental sustainability for awareness and exploration in solar careers for employment in the areas of architecture, solar design, and urban planning & design.

Part I of the event included an introduction of industry partner Green Careers Dallas and how the organization continues to establish a platform to offer quality trained workers for clean, green industries. City Lab High School teacher Ashlee Gardner shared and explained information about students’ project-based learning assignment, The Human Impact, in which students will create their own carbon footprint.

Students were also introduced to three guest panelists who will evaluate their carbon footprint: Mark McCollum, Lead Instructor with Green Careers Dallas (Solar Design), Mike Brown, Sustainability Engineer with HKS, Inc. (Architecture) and Lawrence Agu III, Senior Urban Planner, City of Dallas' Planning & Urban Design Dept. (Urban and Planning Design). Winners of this event will be presented during Part II of the event on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

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CTE 3D Design Challenge Winners through "The Workshop by TBK Bank"

The Career and Technical Education Department in partnership with The Workshop by TBK Bank sponsored the inaugural year of the CTE 3D Design Challenge as a way to honor our industry partners. Students had the opportunity to design 1 of 5 awards the CTE Department will be presenting to industry partners at the end of the school year.

These awards are as follows:

  • CTE Dedication to Excellence
  • CTE Corporate Shining Star
  • CTE Champion of the Year
  • Industry Leadership Council Trailblazer of the Year
  • Commitment to Elevating Education

Students used 3D modeling software to create their designs and submitted evidence of the design process to the judges and to social media. Industry partner, The Workshop by TBK Bank, created an educational tutorial for tips on how to use 3D software.

The Workshop also provided five 3D printers as awards for the campuses with the student finalists. All student participants were provided a certificate for a free meal from Cane's, and all student finalists were awarded gift cards donated by CTE industry partners.

The CTE department is looking forward to making the Design Challenge a recurring competition moving forward. See images below for Ignite MS, HIllcrest AOE, Robert T Hill MS, Bryan Adams AOE, and Skyline HS.

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Emmett J. Conrad High School Student recognized in Preston Hollow Advocate Magazine

Recently Elina Win, a junior at Emmett J. Conrad High School, was highlighted as one of the first students to take the Interior Design and Principles of Architecture courses, at Career Institute North, located just north of I-635 on Midway Road. Elina has been interested in architecture since she was 14 years of age.

Elina has taken aspects of design and incorporated her cultural background from Myanmar. She includes Burmese architecture through their tribal patterns. According to Elina, " I like the projects. They're very fun and very useful. It helps put into practice what we have learned."

The Architecture program started last year with the Principles of Construction course, which was the prerequisite for the Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Interior Design pathways. Knowing architecture courses would eventually be added to the curriculum, the district began offering the principles of architecture course as a prerequisite to interior design.

Bridget Williams is one of the instructors of these courses. She teaches about 60 students in interior design and 40 in principles of construction.

To read more, please click on original article link: Dallas ISD Design Students at Career Institute North Prepare for a Career in the Industry –

Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet at Townview: SkillsUSA State Competition

Congratulations to the Judge Barefoot Sanders at Townview Law Magnet SkillsUSA on their national student led organization, that empowers middle school, secondary, and postsecondary student to thrive in their perspective career fields.

Judge Barefoot Sanders Chapter #2392 is home to National Officer Dianna Serrano, State Officer Maria Jose Coronado and District President Leslie Vasquez, Vice President Jesus Medina and District Secretary Vanessa Ramos. This chapter has gained much success under the guidance of Mr. Keith Jennings, Law Enforcement Teacher and CTSO sponsor.

It is our mission to continue to be the example through leadership while maintaining our commitment to the Criminal Justice pathway. These students represent our chapter on various levels to promote, advocate and share the CTE success stories that come from our family.

Throughout the month of March, the SkillsUSA Law Magnet chapter participated in District competition! As a result, the following student competitors have advanced to State Competition during the month of April 2021.

See details of the competition results here: District Competition Results 2021

We look forward to our students leading and demonstrating more success at the state and national competitions. As the year continues, we hope to represent Townview and Dallas ISD CTSOs to the best of our ability, and show everyone what CTE students can accomplish.

Culinary Arts Programs at Skyline & Emmett J. Conrad High Schools

On March 26, 2021, the Dallas ISD Food & Child Nutrition Services (FCNS) collaborated with the culinary art teachers at Skyline High School, Emmet J. Conrad High School, and the Career & Technology Education (CTE) Department in a virtual student activity challenging students to create a Build Your Own Bowl-winning recipe. These recipes were evaluated for presentation, creativity, taste, texture, and flavor. The results were:

Conrad High School submitted four flavorful recipes that achieved the following recognition:

1st Place Vegetarian Recipe – Sweet and Spicy Vegetarian Bowl

1st Place Vegan Recipe – Feisty Vegan Bowl

Skyline High School submitted two flavorful recipes that achieved the following recognition:

1st Place Poultry Recipe – The Sweet Bowl

by Daniela Duarte and Sy’Rai Brooks

1st Place Beef Recipe – Yaki Flavor Bowl

by Jazmin Baa-Brito, Yasmin Rodriguez, and Victoria Bocanegr

The next step in this BYOB activity is a marketing campaign. This marketing campaign will consist of a school & social media promotion. The purpose of this assignment is that students become their own food ambassadors in promoting their delicious winning recipe.

Congratulations to the winning students, and thank you to Dallas ISD Culinary Arts teachers Chef Harris (Conrad) , Chef Carpenter and Chef Blackwell ( both of Skyline) for their dedication and support to those students.

Student Summer Leadership Opportunity

High School Seniors Transformational Leadership Academy with Texas A&M Mays School of Business

The Mays Transformational Leadership Academy is a six -day program designed for rising high school seniors (students who are current juniors) from under-represented groups who have an interest in pursuing a business degree. The Summer 2021 program will provide a series of virtual sessions for prospective students to get a glimpse of Mays and to develop leadership skills through interactive workshops with faculty, staff, and current students.

Program details include:

  • The program will be July 11 - 16, 2021.
  • Cost: Free
  • Students who attend all MTLA sessions will be eligible for a chance to receive one of ten $1,000 scholarships to attend Mays Business School for fall 2022.
  • View details here:

We look forward to receiving your application. Application decisions will be communicated via email by May 31, 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Carlie Pierre at

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High School Summer Internship Opportunities

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North Dallas High School Educator Recognized By Dallas Cowboys and Reliant as Teacher of the Month

On March 30th, North Dallas High School was able to surprise Ms. Merjournie Muskin, as being recognized by the Dallas Cowboys Class Acts by Reliant Teacher of The Month. Coming outside for what she thought was staff pictures, Ms. Muskin was met with celebration from several people from the campus, district, the community and staff from both the Dallas Cowboys and Reliant Media Teams.

Ms. Muskin is in her second year as an educator, teaching Virtual Business and Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance. During a year of virtual learning, Ms. Muskin managed to adapt to a changing learning environment in the midst of expecting her 1st child. She was able to return early to work, learning to manage as a mother while making herself available to educate her students in support of increasing her student’s virtual engagement.

With increase duties including classroom location changes, Ms. Muskin noticed that her students were having challenges with virtual learning. In response, she opened her physical classroom and utilized Zoom after hours for tutoring sessions. She continues to try new and exciting ways to engage her freshman classes including upperclassmen. Ms. Muskin has never allowed virtual learning to prevent her from trying to reach the unique needs of North Dallas campus' students.

The recognition today was a great way to show appreciation for her while encouraging the efforts of a young teacher. Ms. Muskin was presented with a grant check of $3000 including her own custom Dallas Cowboys jersey. Dallas Cowboys players and staff later joined her Zoom classroom to include her wonderful students on the excitement. Ms. Muskin would later describe the event as needed motivation to continue a challenging school year.

Thank You to the NDHS Admin team, Coach Natoscha Golightly, and all parties involved for making this an exceptional day for an exceptional educator! See Photos below for highlights...

April 2021 is Architecture Month: The Art, Beauty and Science of Building Design Dallas ISD Presenters

In recognition of April 2021 Architecture Month, Dallas ISD Educators Danielle Odis of Molina High School and Oswaldo Rivera-Ortiz of City Lab High School presented at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Dallas event, “Connecting Today’s Designers to Tomorrow’s Leaders”, held on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

Danielle and Oswaldo shared the importance of industry partners’ involvement in schools to empower and change the trajectory of engaging opportunities in architecture within Dallas ISD. The earlier the engagement, the greater it will be to design a better world.

Talking points discussed during their presentations included:

  • Building technical skills, with an approach to learning through hands-on projects and industry-based certifications
  • Promoting architecture programs through exposure of career pathways
  • Developing soft skills with developing communication, problem solving, teamwork and leadership
  • Increasing industry partnerships to execute projects in the classroom through project-based learning
  • Utilizing the city as their classroom with urban planning & design

Industry partners in attendance shared ways in which their organizations have encouraged middle and high school students to study architecture through engagement opportunities including internships and scholarships through college programs.

Additional resources for consideration are listed below.


  • AIA Dallas + AD/EX (Architecture & Design Exchange)

2021 Summer Architecture Programs/Camps:

AIA Dallas and AD/EX Summer Camps: Summer Camp Interest Form

  • Friday, July 23 – Designing My Future: High School Camp
  • Saturday, July 24 – Designing My Future: Middle School Camp
  • Saturday, July 31 – Designing My Future: Elementary School Camp

Prairie View A&M University – Prairie View, TX

Texas A&M University – College Station Summer Camp

University of Houston and Rice University- Houston, TX (Online)

University of Texas at Arlington – Arlington, TX

Steps to Becoming an Architect

  • The Voice for Texas Architecture
  • Become an Architect - Texas Society of Architects (

AIA Dallas and AD/EX: Interest Form

  • Saturday, October 16 – Architecture + Design College Fair

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Richard Grimsley, CTE Director

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Marcus Nickerson, Program Coordinator

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