1. Clothing in the Middle Ages

The clothing in the Middle Ages was very primitive.

2. Clothing

Garments collectively; clothes; raiment; apparel.

2. Middle Ages

The time in European history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance (from about 500 a.d. to about 1350): sometimes restricted to the later part of this period (after 1100) and sometimes extended to 1450 or 1500.

2. Aristocracy

A class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobility.

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3. The people of the Middle Ages

Most people in the Middle Ages wore woolen clothing. Brighter colors, better materials, and a longer jacket were signs of wealth. Their clothing choices were often very simple.
4. "By the mid-fourteenth century there were laws to control who wore what jewelry , and knights were not permitted to wear rings." was very interesting. It is not very usual in the US for there to be laws on what you can and cannot wear. (Learner.org)
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4. "The smell of wood smoke that permeated the clothing seemed to act as a deodorant." it was very interesting. It is very odd for them to use that as a deodorant. (Learner.com)
5. What often lined the garments of the wealthy?
5. What was the most popular item from the twelfth century on?
7. I feel that although the Middle Ages clothing was very simple and primitive, it was still yet very unique and it was a way to show how you label yourself.

Braden Baldridge 1st Period