Math Empowers Parents

Middletown Township Public Schools

Grades 3-5~1st Trimester 2017-2018

Math Empowers Parents, Grades 3-5 is a triannual newsletter for parents of children in third, fourth, and/or fifth grades. This publication will include information on how parents can support and foster the love of math at home.

Pumpkin Math

Whether you are making a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween, a pumpkin pie for the holidays, or pumpkin soup for a cold, rainy day, here is a fun way to engage your child in estimation, measurement and simple graphing activities. Click here for activities!

Mathical 2017 Winners Announced

Math is more than numbers and equations! The Mathical Book Prize is an annual award for fiction and nonfiction books that inspire children of all ages to see math in the world around them.

Mathical Award Winners and Honor Books are selected by a nationwide committee of mathematicians, educators, librarians, and authors. Each year’s selections joins a growing list of stories ranging from picture books and graphic novels to chapter books and young adult literature. Click here for a list of 2015-2017 winners!

These books are great way to discuss mathematical concepts at home with your children while encouraging a love of reading!

Parents' Beliefs About Math Change Their Children's Achievement

This article highlights two studies about how important parents' math attitudes are on their children and how parents' math anxiety can have a negative affect on children. For further resources on how to help your children with math, see the handout below.

Turkey Time

Planning Thanksgiving dinner? Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is a great opportunity to discuss elapsed time!

What You Do:

1. Sit with your child and explain that you're going to

create an itinerary for Thanksgiving dinner!

2. Help your child look up cooking times and

temperature for your size turkey on the Internet or in a


3. Have them help decide when you will want to eat.

4 . Then, challenge them to figure out when will you

need to start the turkey, referring to the cooking times and turkey size.

5. Let your child become the official time keeper as the turkey roasts.

6. Explain to your child that the short hand on an analog clock shows the hours, whereas the long hand shows the minutes. Remind her that there are exactly sixty minutes in an hour.

7. Explain that each time the minute hand goes around, an hour has passed.

8. Review how to set a digital timer, or use a more traditional kitchen timer.

9. As you slide the prepared turkey into the oven, have your child start the timer and check the time on the analog clock.

10. Periodically throughout the duration of the roast, ask your child how much time has passed and how much time remains until the turkey is fully cooked.

11. Each time you ask the official cook time, have them first report the hours, then the minutes, and finally seconds that the turkey has been roasting. In addition, have them report how much time remains until the Thanksgiving turkey is done.


Advice for Parents from Professor Jo Boaler

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2017 DreamBox Fall Challenge

This year's fall challenge will take place from November 5th to December 9th. This challenge will focus on the growth students make rather than the number of lessons completed. The school with the highest percentage growth per student will be this year's Fall DreamBox challenge winner. Please contact your child's math specialist if you need information for logging on at home.

Erin Carmody

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

MIddletown Village/New Monmouth Elementary Schools

Elizabeth Cassidy

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Middletown Village Elementary School