VPS now: 2/9/23

2022-23 school year: Issue 12

E & O Renewal Levy

Don’t forget there is a Vancouver Public Schools education and operations renewal levy on the Feb. 14 ballot. To learn more about the levy, and to see answers to the community’s questions, please visit the VPS levy page.

In Our Own Words

Please meet Elson, a student at Felida Elementary.

We'd also like to introduce you to Moses, a Marshall Elementary student.

Hear what's important to Elson and Moses and listen to many other VPS voices on our website. We love hearing from our students!

Iká pwe ke mochen epwe wor emén epwe ánea ngonuk masowen ei taropwe nón fóósun fénúomw ren ómw kopwe weweiti, en mei tongeni kéri Dania Otto, 360-772-7494.

Staff and Student Accomplishments

The following staff and students will be recognized at the Feb. 14 meeting of the Board, to celebrate their accomplishments.


National Board Certification


Wesley Ballou - Roosevelt Elementary

Jaime Bassett - McLoughlin Middle School

Anthony Shine - VITA

Trish Smith - Gaiser Middle School


Kristen Briem - King Elementary

Merri Gonsalves Johnson - Hudson’s Bay High School

Shannon Stewart - iTech Preparatory


Lisa Freeman - Sacajawea/Fruit Valley Elementary
Bradley Lehman - iTech Preparatory
Tyler Stanley - McLoughlin Middle School


Columbia River Girls Soccer State Championship

Columbia River Girls Volleyball State Championship

VPS Voices - Episode 3

Check out the newest episode of VPS Voices featuring Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies senior Olivia Anthony and Superintendent Dr. Jeff Snell! Learn more about the renewal Education & Operations Levy, the ongoing Strategic Planning process and hear from students around the district.
VPS Voices - Episode 3

February 2023 district calendar

February 2023

Feb. 20: Presidents Day, no school

*If schools are closed due to weather, the calendar may change. Missed days must be made up. Makeup dates, in priority order, are June 16, 20, 21 (June 19 is a federal holiday and will not be used as a possible snow makeup day). Actual date(s) could change based on timing and number of snow days.

Febrero de 2023

20 de febrero: Día feriado; Día del Presidente, no hay clases

Si las escuelas cierran debido al mal tiempo, puede que haya cambios en el calendario. Se deben reponer los días de clases cancelados. Las fechas para reponer los días de clases que se cancelaron por causa del mal tiempo, por orden de prioridad son el 16, 20, 21 de junio (el 19 de junio es día feriado federal y no se usará como posible día para recuperar días de clases canceladas por la nieve). La(s) fecha(s) exacta(s) puede que cambie(n) dependiendo del mes y día en el que se cancelaron las clases por mal tiempo y el número de días cancelados. “VPS” considerará clases en línea como una opción.

Февраль 2023 года

20 февраля: День Президентов, занятий нет

Если школы будут закрыты в связи с неблагоприятными погодными условиями, в календарь могут быть внесены изменения. Пропущенные дни нужно будет отработать. Учебные дни взамен пропущенных дней перечислены в порядке предпочтения: 16 июня, 20 июня, 21 июня. (19 июня является федеральным праздником, и в этот день не будут проводиться занятия взамен пропущенных «снежных» дней. Точная(-ые) дата(-ы) дополнительных дней могут измениться в зависимости от числа «снежных» дней. VPS будет рассматривать дистанционное обучение в качестве возможного варианта.

Fapéwéri 2023

Fapéwéri 20: Ráánin Presiten, ese wor sukkun

Iká pwe epwe kesip ekkei sukkun ren ngawen enienin ásepwán, ren rááningaw me púngúmwóngun sno, iwe epwe pwan siwin nón néúch kanantér. Epwe ne wor ekkesiwinin ekkewe ráán mei kesipinó sukkun iká ese wor sukkun. Mei wor fitu ekkei ráánin sukkun sia apachatá epwe fiis pwe ekkesiwinin ekkewe ráán ese wor sukkun nón ren púngúmwóngun sno. A iei ussun tettenin ekkei ráánin sukkun: Suun 16, 20, 21. (Suun 19 esapw an mwuunap ráánin asésé me esapw pwan fiis pwe ekkesiwinin ekkewe ráán mei kesipinó sukkun iká ese wor sukkun ren pwúngúmwóngun sno. Mei tufich an epwe ekkesiwin ekkei ráán sia fen finanó nge epwe ne chék anóngónóng wón meni ráán e púng sno me fitu ráán e púng sno nón. VPS mei tongeni finatá an epwene chék fiis sukkun nón imw wón line.

Vancouver Public Schools

We serve 21,000 amazing students and their families in the great community of Vancouver, Washington!

Notice of nondiscrimination

Vancouver Public Schools is an equal opportunity district in education programs, activities, services, and employment. The district does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, including gender expression or identity, age, families with children, honorably discharged veteran or military status, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal. The district provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups. The district complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 402 of the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Older Worker Protection Act, and all other state, federal, and local equal opportunity laws. You may contact any of the following people at 2901 Falk Rd., Vancouver, WA, 98661, or by writing to them at VPS, PO Box 8937, Vancouver, WA 98668-8937 or by calling 360-313-1000: ADA & Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator–jeff.fish@vansd.org; Civil Rights and Affirmative Action—janell.ephraim@vansd.org, Title VII, 504—steve.vance@vansd.org; IDEA—daniel.bettis@vansd.org; Athletic Equity & Title IX Elementary and Secondary—james.gray@vansd.org, kristie.lindholm@vansd.org and bill.oman@vansd.org. This notification can be provided in the appropriate language for communities of national origin and minority persons with limited English language skills by contacting 360-313-1250.