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Sunday, January 17, 2022

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Update 1/17/22


80 students and 22 staff members showed up to Saturday School for an opportunity to raise their grades, get caught up, and have some 1:1 time with teachers to get in a position to earn semester credits as this first semester winds down. Thank you to all that showed up to provide and experience this catch up session. Last Saturday opportunity is January 22, from 9am-11am.

In regards to COVID:

With the increase in COVID-19 cases across the community we have seen a high demand for students needing to get COVID-19 tested. If your student needs to be COVID-19 tested the school district has two options for you.

The first option is to call your school and ask for a COVID-19 testing appointment. Schools will be scheduling testing appointments for 30 minutes prior to the start of school until 11:30am each day. School nurses and personnel will doing the testing and it is free to families.

If you cannot arrange an appointment at the school for a COVID-19 test you can come to the Longview Schools temporary testing clinic located in the district office at 2715 Lilac Street between the hours of 2pm and 4pm on school days to get a free COVID-19 test. Whether your child is tested at school or the district office you will need to fill out a testing consent form. The forms are available at the testing locations and on the district web site if you click here.

As always, we will accept results from another testing center should you prefer to obtain your testing elsewhere.

If you have additional questions related to testing, please call the school.


R Reeves, Principal RA Long HS


80 estudiantes y 22 miembros del personal asistieron a la escuela sabatina para tener la oportunidad de mejorar sus calificaciones, ponerse al día y pasar un tiempo 1 a 1 con los maestros para estar en condiciones de obtener créditos semestrales a medida que finaliza este primer semestre. Gracias a todos los que se presentaron para brindar y experimentar esta sesión de recuperación. La oportunidad del último sábado es el 22 de enero, de 9 am a 11 am.

Con respecto al COVID:

Con el aumento de casos de COVID-19 en toda la comunidad, hemos visto una gran demanda de estudiantes que necesitan hacerse la prueba de COVID-19. Si su estudiante necesita hacerse la prueba de COVID-19, el distrito escolar tiene dos opciones para usted.

La primera opción es llamar a su escuela y pedir una cita para la prueba de COVID-19. Las escuelas programarán citas para las pruebas durante 30 minutos antes del comienzo de clases hasta las 11:30 a. m. todos los días. Las enfermeras y el personal de la escuela harán la prueba y es gratis para las familias.

Si no puede programar una cita en la escuela para una prueba de COVID-19, puede venir a la clínica de prueba temporal de las Escuelas de Longview ubicada en la oficina del distrito en 2715 Lilac Street entre las 2:00 p. m. y las 4:00 p. m. 19 prueba. Ya sea que su hijo sea evaluado en la escuela o en la oficina del distrito, deberá completar un formulario de consentimiento para la prueba. Los formularios están disponibles en los lugares de prueba y en el sitio web del distrito si hace clic aquí.

Como siempre, aceptaremos los resultados de otro centro de pruebas si prefiere obtener sus pruebas en otro lugar.

Si tiene preguntas adicionales relacionadas con las pruebas, llame a la escuela.


R Reeves, Director RA Long HS

Notable Events In January

January 22: Saturday School: Make day to complete work to earn credit. 9am-11am

January 25: End of Semester 1

January 26: Records Day..NO SCHOOL

January 27: Start of 2nd Semester

6 SCHOOL DAYS UNTIL THE END OF SEMESTER : Time to catch up and earn those credits!

MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ANYONE ENTERING RA LONG HIGH SCHOOL FOR ANY REASON. Thank you in advanced for honoring our mask guidelines. This does include all indoor sporting events and outdoor events exceeding 500 spectators.

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Safety Expectations

  • Masks must be worn at all times when INSIDE the building over both nose and mouth.
  • There will be NO temperature or attestation requirements at this time. But we need to be ready to make that shift as needed if new guidelines are presented.
  • Outdoor large group events during the school day WILL require masks.
  • Follow the RED arrows during all passing times and before and after school.
  • No eating is allowed in classrooms. But, a water bottle, preferably with a straw is allowed.
  • Students MUST maintain 6ft distancing when eating in the cafeteria.
  • If you have any symptoms, please stay home and call the school.
  • Free COVID testing for students is available at the school in the nurse's office. Parents will need to sign a document for testing permission.

What lunch you have is determined by your 4th period teacher(M, T, Th, F) ! On Wednesdays, lunch is determined by your 5th period teacher.

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Dress Code for RA Long High School Students

DRESS CODE- applies to EVERY student taking a class at RA Long

The dress and appearance of students is the direct responsibility of the parents. School attire should reflect an academic focus and help maintain a safe and healthy school environment. Student appearance should be neat and clean and the body must be covered from the top of the shoulder to below two inches above the knee. If in the judgment of school officials dress or appearance is disruptive, the student will be required to change into appropriate clothing or will be sent home for insubordination. Team uniforms & spirit days must comply with administrative guidelines. The following rules apply to both genders:

  • Masks must be worn at ALL times in the the building/classrooms.
  • No under garments showing (including sports bras)
  • No spaghetti straps, backless, strapless, halter-tops, crop tops, half-shirts, low-cut tops, one-shoulder, off-shoulder or see-through clothing
  • Skirts/shorts must be no more than two inches above the knee (even with leggings).
  • Cuts/slashes/fraying must also occur below the fingertip line
  • Any rips that show skin must be no more than two inches above the knee.
  • No sagging or bagging—pants must be pulled up
  • No pajamas or slippers
  • No displays (messages or pictures) that are vulgar, obscene, profane, violent, drug/alcohol/tobacco related, affiliated with gangs, discriminatory or demeaning to any person due to race, religion, ethnic group, gender or sexual orientation (including the Confederate flag or swastikas)
  • No hats, bandanas, hairnets, head wraps, pulled-up hoods or sunglasses (exceptions for approved medical or religious reasons) If a hat is taken from a student, it will be returned on Friday after school. Hats are not to be seen in any classroom or in the hallways at any time.
  • No unsafe jewelry such as spikes, long chains, etc.

2021-22 Bell Schedule

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2021-22 School Calendar

End of Semester 1.........................................Jan 25(Tues)

Records Day NO SCHOOL …………………………...Jan 26(Wed)

Start of Semester 2........................................Jan 27(Thur)

Snow Make-Up Day NO School.....................Feb 18

Presidents Day NO SCHOOL…………………...…..Feb 21

Snow Make -Up Day.......................................March 11

Spring Break……………………………..…………...........Apr 4-8

Memorial Day NO SCHOOL…………………………..May 30

Graduation Ceremonies……..…..………..…..…..…June 11

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL...................................June 15 (pending snow makeup days)


Be sure to call the Attendance Office @ 575-7113 for all absences.

Leave a voice mail stating clearly the student’s name, date, and reason for absence.

Please remember to bring photo identification when picking up

your child for any appointments

Jack's Pantry

If you are in need of extra food to support your family please contact Ms. Brunelle at mbrunelle@longview.k12.wa.us

# JackCode Non- Negotiables

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