Does the colouring of the lacasitos dissolve equally in water that in alcohol?

Background research:

Characteristics of solution of the substances:

The water as a solvent is very polar (each molecule has positive part and negative part each molecule ). And the alcohol as a solvent isn't polar.

We haven't found the coloraning type.


We believe that the colorant is going to dissolve in both cases but in different time, cause they have different characteristics of solubility


Procedure: We put the lacasitos in two bowls, one of them contains water, and the other contains alcohol. We wait 15 minutes.

Results: After 15minutes we looked de two bowls. In the water bowl, the lacasito's coloring had been dissolved in the water. But the lacasito's coloring of the alcohol bowl hasn't been dissolved.


Only the couloring has been dissolved by the water, with it we can extract the conclusion that the alcohol isn't a good solvent for the Lacasitos colouring because it's characteristics of dissolution.