"The Mammoth and The Squirrel"



The Mammoth and the Squirrel where enemies. So the Mammoth decided to try to eat the Squirrel because he was starving. So he came up with a plan, his plan was to go on a walk and corner the Squirrel. So the Mammoth started to make a trap, while the mammoth was making his trap the squirrel saw him. so the next day the Mammoth set his trap and knocked on the Squirrels door.

When the Squirrel finally opened his door the Mammoth asked if the Squirrel wanted to go on a walk, the Squirrel replied yes. The Mammoth was not paying attention and the Squirrel led them off track, to his trap. when the Squirrel found his trap he said over there the mammoth walked on some thin ice and fell through. The Mammoth was never to be heard of again.


Don't be mean what ever you do will come back to haunt you.
he threw the and then the other guy threw a rock at him.