Mrs. Terry's Class News!

Fieldtrip this Wednesday!

We are going to see Sleeping Beauty this Wednesday at the Storybook Theater in Kirkland. Please remember to return your permission slip tomorrow if you have not already. We will be back for lunch so no packed lunch is needed.

Sleeping Beauty Blurb:

Princess Beauty is a cutie, but being pretty doesn’t cut it when you really want to slay dragons and find adventure. Will Beauty get to be her very own hero – or will she be interrupted by a 100-year nap? And will the Prince save her – or will she save him? (This StoryBook version isn’t just for girls – the boys will love it, too!)

Learning for the Week:

Math: Analyzing data from graphs, creating bar graphs, writing math problems showing fewer than and more than based on data from the graph. Farm work on perimeter and money.

Reading: Using our schema (background knowledge) and evidence from the story to make new ideas about what will happen next, or how a character is thinking and feeling.

Science: Creating a food chain using forest predators and prey. Learning that all organisms are connected and important.

Mrs. Terry Had A Farm....

Tomorrow begins one of my most favorite units - the farm! I love watching children work with math principles through play, and the farm unit has them tackling area and money concepts as they budget and buy all the items needed for their farm buildings and animals. After discussing buildings and animals found on farms, students will begin buying their farm buildings (silo, barn, house) with farm money and if time allows students will buy their first farm animals. At the introduction of each animal, students will learn why farmers raise them and their special features.

Below is a model farm, similar to the ones we will be making tomorrow.

Big image

CTP testing

Tomorrow we take our practice CTP test, please make sure kids have two nutritious snacks and get plenty of rest.