50 Ebola Facts

By: Zac Z. Damian M. Cole P. and Terry S.

Zac's 20 Facts

  1. One symptom of this disease is diarrhea
  2. Another symptom is a headache
  3. Vomiting is a symptom
  4. Stomach pain is a symptom
  5. Unexplained bleeding and bruises is a symptom
  6. Muscle pain is a symptom
  7. The virus originated in West Africa
  8. The long name for Ebola is, "Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever"
  9. Ebola is caused by a RNA virus
  10. Ebola is often fatal
  11. Ebola is very contagious
  12. If someone doesn't develop symptoms after 21 days from being around the virus they don't have the virus
  13. The virus only effected 6 people in the US
  14. The virus came to the US from someone who visited Africa
  15. Ebola doesn't spread through casual contact
  16. Ebola doesn't spread through air
  17. Ebola doesn't spread through water
  18. Ebola doesn't spread through food grown or legally purchased in the US
  19. The first US death from Ebola was in Dallas, Texas
  20. On November 17, 2014 a US surgeon died of Ebola at Nebraska Medical Center

Damian's 10 Facts

  1. In a poll of 1,000 Americans, 20% were scared that they would catch the disease
  2. Early Ebola symptoms are similar to symptoms of other virus'
  3. The virus may spread from contact of infected body fluids
  4. The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history
  5. The Virus is named after the Ebola river
  6. The virus was first recognized in 1976
  7. Liberia has been effected by Ebola
  8. Guinea has been effected by Ebola
  9. Sierra Leone has been effected by Ebola
  10. There has been Ebola cases in 10 different countries

Cole's 10 Facts

  1. September 30, 2014 was the first diagnosed case of Ebola in the US
  2. Currently there is no cure for Ebola
  3. Ebola doesn't through food
  4. The virus is known to live in fruit bats
  5. The first case in the US was treated and the patient was sent home virus free on August 21, 2014
  6. A carrier of the virus is gorillas
  7. A carrier of the virus is monkeys
  8. A carrier of the virus is pigs
  9. A carrier of the virus is forest antelope
  10. A carrier of the virus is porcupines

Terry's 10 Facts

  1. The 2nd case of Ebola in the US was found October 11, 2014
  2. You may experience pain in the abdomen
  3. You may experience pain in the chest
  4. Ebola kills 90% of its victims
  5. Uncontrollable shivering is a symptom
  6. Uncontrollable sweating is a symptom
  7. Only experienced doctors can attend to it
  8. Some of the people who treated the outbreak had to be totally covered to avoid the virus
  9. You can die anywhere from 3 to 30 days or more from obtaining the virus
  10. One large outbreak was in Kikwit, Zaire in 1995 with 315 cases and 244 deaths
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