Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning

by Myles Bell

For all my nfl fans and Cam newton fans or maybe my Odell fans this is for you

Now to start peyton has been the best manning to play despite of archie manning and eli manning however. A young quarterback from michigan named tom brady is the next cam newton. These two have played each other but neither has retired so well have to see wich is better.

So Tom brady has been to 6 super bowls but his patriots could only win 4 of the six. He has only one mvp from the super bowl and his previous visit was at arizona to face seattle in the game ending interception which gave the patriots the 49th super bowl win the score was 28-24.But number 18 is not as bad as you think he is.Hes been to 3 and won 1 with the indianapolis colts but tom may beat peyton in super bowls but not records...... Now on the contrary tom has been to six super bowls but won four peyton has been to three but won one so tom has more rings but the stats is what made the super bowl players greatsNow Tom holds the touchdown records with 400 tds.He holds the record for most consecutive wins between the (2003-2004) season.He is also holding the undefeated record with an 18-0 season tying with the 1972 dolphins.But holds all the yardage records he previously broke aaron rodgers record and holds it with 20,430 yards.He also broke toms record of tds with 400 peyton has 509 tds so peyton won the records but what about all time.....Finally last but not least you can't end a nfl quarterbacks career without seeing if he's on the board for all time qb rankings.Peyton manning is surely going to be on one.Peyton is holding an all time blood bounding yardage record.He holds it with 71,940 yards.He's also on the board in the top 10 of all time for all time qb list.Now for young tom he is on the board for an 18-0 season tying with the 1972 Miami dolphins he's also number 5 on yardage and all time qb list