Reflective Times

France, 1792

The bread of Women

October, 1789
A recent drop in harvest crop - such that of grain- has been scarce throughout the land! Women from around the country have been brought around and protested - yes, protested- for more grain rations! After being rejected at the town hall, a massive protesting group of women marched 19 Kilometres to the Royal Family home of Versailles! The king has been put onto pressure by the people, and a revolution has begun! In an October Day, the King made his way back to the heart of the revolution but were only to become face to face with the angry mobs of women holding the heads of men and the spears of soldiers! The King had no other choice but to submit to the pressure of the women of France!


Summer, 1789
The breaking of news! The actions of our people made the 16th worry and threatened us after our acts at the Tennis Court Oath. Our mobs have increased in armories which a city - Bastille- has fallen! The political tides have been unleashed and an overcoming of despotism. The end authority of 16th has ended, and the tides of the war have turned for once and for all!
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Terror Reigning in our Country

June, 1792
A current view of our government has pushed us from a severe danger and purge. Even after the fall of Bastille and the major riots in October, our people are slowly being plucked away, The Gravity Knife, or Guillotine, has rolled the heads of many of our kind. Life has become scary. Almost worth dying instead of having our heads roll. Only time can tell when we may see the day again with a peaceful street and no seems of terror reigning over our rooftops…
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