Alcohol and Viloence

By: Payton Rohrbaugh

Alcohols Impact

Due to alcohol being legal it plays a partial role to crime and other social problems. Alcohol is a huge influence, in a survey 37% of 2 million convicted said they were under the influence while committing a crime. Alcohol is also more commonly found among crimes such as murder, rape, assault, and child abuse. About 3 million violent crimes occur each year in which the victim sees the attacker drinking of drunk. Most attacks towards victims are from someone close to them. Only 31% of alcohol related crimes are done by a stranger.

Alcohol and Violence

When alcohol use is abused due to anger it can cause many bad side effects. Some people can binge drink because they think it takes away there pain. When in reality it does not. In fact, it leads to more anger and can cause people to not think strait. Since they could be upset with how there life is going they could take there anger out of people since they are drunk and nothing thinking strait. In fact, 80% of offenders in prison abuse drugs and alcohol. Approximately 60% of people that are arrested test positive for alcohol.

Alcohol With Teens and College Students

4 out of every 5 teens arrested and put in juvenile detention are under the influence of alcohol. In there 1.9 mil out of 2.4 mil have substance abuse and addiction but only 68,000 received treatment for there problems. In college, each year 600,000+ students are assaulted by an intoxicated student. On college campuses 90% of rape or sexual assault victims involves alcohol in both the victim and the assailant. 95% of all violent crimes have the abuse of alcohol in it.

There Are Many Places to Get Help

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Alcohol and Violence Correlations

Alcohol and violence effects every race and gender on the planet. No one is always free from its grasp. This is even with adults that are suppose to know to drink responsibly, 53% of violent incidents involving adults were alcohol related. Even during the weekends the percentage of violent crimes due to alcohol go up by 35%. Males are also 24% more susceptible to becoming victims of alcohol related crimes.

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