It all leads back to Georgia….

Saving the best colony for last

Who, When, Why Georgia was settled

  • WHO-James Oglethorpe
  • WHY- Georgia was formed by members of the British government due to their need to defend South Carolina from invasion by the Spaniards and also to protect Florida from invasion of the French from Louisiana.
  • WHEN-1732
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Location/Physical Geography

Georgia is located in between Florida and South Carolina and is considered to be one of the Southern colonies of North America. Georgia has a beautiful warm climate and is surrounded by luscious forests and hilly coastal plains. These climate conditions are perfect for the growing/selling of agricultural goods (indigo, rice, sugar) and the production of plantations and use of slave labour.


While living in Georgia you can enjoy living with the freedom of religion! However, the majority of the people living in this beautiful colony define themselves as one of of the following Christian denominations: Baptist, Anglican, etc.


  • Natural Resources: Fish, Timber, Agricultural goods
  • Exports: Tobacco, Corn, Cotton, Vegetables, Grain, Fruit, Livestock
  • Imports: Shoes, Lace, Thread, Farm tools, Dishes..(any goods that cannot be produced in plantations)
  • Keys to Economic development and prosperity: Farming, Plantations, Slave Labour

Key Players

We would like to thank the following people for playing key roles in the formation of this amazing colony:

  • King George II- Where Georgia got its name
  • James Oglethorpe- founder of Georgia
  • William Stephens- President of Georgia

Major Events….so far….

  • 1732- Georgia becomes first official charter and Savannah becomes Georgia's first settlement
  • 1742-Battle of Bloody Marsh
  • 1777- Georgia adopted their first state constiution
  • 1788- Georgia becomes fourth state