Colin Brogdon 5/24/2016 Bowles, 4th period

What a geneticist is

  1. A geneticist is a scientist who specializes in heredity (careers).
  2. A career in geneticist can mean many jobs like a genetic counselor, medical geneticist, or a genetics professor (careers).
  3. Geneticist provide information to families with genetic disorders, and many other good things (careers).


  1. Research directors and postgraduate faculty typically complete a doctoral program (Geneticist).
  2. Aspiring clinical geneticist must complete a bachelor's degree program, and earn a doctorate of medicine or doctorate of osteopathic medicine at a medical school (Geneticist).
  3. Genetic counselors typically complete a master’s degree program (Geneticist).


  1. The american school of medical genetics found that clinical geneticist make an average of 159,339 to 194,895 (locsin).
  2. A professional salary survey showed averages of 63,700 a year for genetic counselor (locsin).
  3. A genetic professor earns an average of 113,176 (locsin).


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