Epic vaction for Panama

Land and climate

Panama has rugged mountains and it connects central and south american.

Panama coves about 29,120 squrare miles.

Panama has a tropical like climate.

This place is hot and humid.

The temperture is around 55-80 degrees


Columbus claimed this area to spain in 1502.

Planning and finacing in this country was very poor.

Yellow fever was very common and a lot of people were killed.

1903 Panama claimed indepence from Columbia.

The Panama Canal began 1907 and ended in 1914.

Omar Torrigas Herra siezed control of the country in 1968 Most people thinkmof him as a hero.

Torrigas died in a plane crash.

In 1999 Panama had full freedom.


This country is a multi party democracy.

Their president is the cheif of the state government.

A president can severe for five year term.

People can start voteing at age 15.

This country has nine branches of government.


Panama exports bannanas shrimp coffee sugar and clothing .

Tourism is a very important in Panama.

21% is employed in agriculture.

This country is between rich and poor.

The richest is 10%.

Vaction day planner

1 LeaveChicago at 7:00pm arrive Miami 11:00 Leave Miamai 9:25 arrive a PC at 12:15. Eat Chicken for supper.

2Eat cearal for breakfast. See panama Canal after wards go swimming and play golf ay hotel. eat steak for supper.

3eggs for breakfast . See Panama Canal Muesem takes the whole day.

4 Go to the beach go to hotel to relax. Eat big lunch.

5Eat bacon and eggs. Diving takes half of the day and then go swimming at pool at hotel. jave mased potatos for supper.

6 River rafting takes whole day.Hotel party eat supper there

7 Leave PC 4:15arrive at Miamai at 7:15 Leave Miamai at 9:20 arrive in Chicago 11:30


Travel-1,846 dollars.

Hotel-1,184 dollars.

Meals-426 dollars.

Activities-1,860 dollars.

Shopping-1,000 dollars.


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