History of a Doritos Chip

Do you know where your Doritos comes from?

A Doritos chip goes through many stages before you find them in a sealed bag

First, the Doritos chip starts as a Potato.The potato gets many pesticides and chemicals sprayed on it so that the potato is big and doesn't have any bugs or bad things growing on it. It is also picked before it's ripe. So basically the potato is full of harmful chemicals, and is very green and not brown because its not ripe yet.

The second stage is where the potatoes are brought to the factory then they use chemicals to ripen the potatoes and cut and clean them.

The third stage is when they put the spices and flavor on the chip. And they do not use actual cheese, they take the particles from the cheese which are the ones that smell like cheese, taste like cheese, and how the cheese looks. They combine these particles, and they make powder from it. After they have made the powder mixture of the chemically-made cheese, they spread it on to the chip.

The 4th stage is when the fry it and seal it in to the bags. They use a lot of oil when they fry it. When the chips are done they fill the bags up halfway with chips and then pump air into it. Finally its sealed shut.

After you buy the chips, the waste is left, which is the plastic bag, it can be reused and recycled but not easily decomposed, therefore making the earth a harder place to keep healthy. Think before you eat.