Alice Smith Weekly Connections

September 16, 2022

Alice Smith Families - Message from Principal Navidad

Dear Alice Smith Families and Scholars,

Another great week at Alice Smith!

It was nice seeing so many new and returning families during our first PTO meeting last Tuesday. It does take a village to support our Alice Smith Community and we are so grateful for the partnership we have.

This week the BIG tractors and bulldozers left our construction site, to the disappointment of many Kinder - 2nd grade boys, who enjoyed watching them at work during recess! Construction is moving along and we should be seeing sidewalk and the first layers of asphalt in the next two weeks.

Important events this week include PICTURE DAY on Wednesday!

End of Day Pick Up

Parents, we know that sometimes you have to change how your child goes home (Not ride the bus because you are picking them up or vise versa). Last minute End of day Pick Up Changes are hectic for our classrooms teachers because they need to change where and with whom that child goes out with.

We are asking that IF you need to make a change in the way your child will go home, that you do so BEFORE 3:45 pm so that we can guarantee we can accommodate that change.

Thank you!

Alice Smith families, Thank you for your continued collaboration. If you have any questions please email or call me and I would love to connect and make sure you and your family have everything you need to make this year a complete success!

Check out the Alice Smith Weekly Pics at the bottom of this Newsletter!

In Partnership,

Mr. Navidad


Alice Smith Elementary Principal

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September Important Dates

Wednesday, September 21: Picture Day; ICA Food Market 4-8p

Monday, September 26: No School Rosh Hashana

Wednesday, September 28: ICA Food Market 4-8p

Friday, September 30: No School Staff Development

CORRECTION ON RETAKE DAY - Picture Day is Coming Soon!

Lifetouch studios will be back at Alice Smith on Wednesday, September 21 for our annual Picture Day. Paper order forms are being sent home or you can order online at Our Picture Day ID is EVT8WQ8WT. Lifetouch will photograph all scholars, regardless of whether you place an order. If your scholar is absent on Picture Day, we will have a Picture Retake Day on Tuesday, October 25. If you are paying by cash, we do not have change in the office so please pay the exact amount.

PAW Ticket Drawing Winners

We start off every Friday with a PAW ticket drawing. Scholars earn PAW tickets throughout the week for being Respectful, Responsible, & Ready to Learn. On Friday, Mr. Navidad draws 10 tickets randomly during morning announcements and if your name is on that ticket, you are rewarded with a prize. Congratulations to this week's drawing winners:


Lucy Haugh - Ms. Miriam

Malia Hanson- Ms. Wu


Veda Miller - Ms. Hahn

Blake Becker - Ms. Gass


Tay'ah Jerry - Mr. McKusick

Natalie Hingeveld - Ms. Rusakov


Sylvie Hruska - Ms. Leafman

Jace Hauger - Ms. Schmitz


Eliyah Elmore - Larson/Farrell

Harper Taylor - Larson/Farrell


Amira Murray - Ms. Schuler

Henry Wyman - Ms. Patterson


Grade level/department newsletters are updated every other week!

Hopkins Preschool



First Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4 / 5 Grade

6th Grade



Kids & Company Corner!

This year in Kids & Company we are inspiring curiosity by participating in an online postcard exchange program called! First we receive an address for someone around the world. Then we spend some time doing projects related to their country (or state) to help us learn about their culture. Finally, we work together during group time to write our postcard! So far we have sent postcards to/received them from Germany, Finland, France, and Texas! We are keeping track of our global connections by charting them on our map! This week we made Schultüte, which come from Germany, to spread kindness to our teachers!

We are ALL Members of the PTO

Dear Alice Smith Elementary Families,

It was a great first PTO meeting with many new faces and great energy! If you were unable to attend the first PTO meeting of the school year, no worries! Take a look at our PTO Meeting Minutes 9/13/22

If you are looking for a way to contribute to the Alice Smith, whether it be with your time or your ideas, please check out our SignUp Genius (scan QR code) for a variety of opportunities.

This is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of being a part of our Fun2Raise Alice Smith Elementary 2022/2023 all school printed directory. Due to popular demand at this point spaces are limited. However, if you or anyone you know would like to place an ad in the Alice Smith Elementary 2022/2023 directory that will be distributed for free to every family and teacher in our school, please contact Jodi Rankin at 952-641-7100 x 101. She will make sure that you create a message that will build awareness and generate business within our tight knit community.

Visitor's Update:

For the last two and half years, our school has been "closed" to the public as we cautiously responded to the COVID pandemic. This meant parents could not come in and eat lunch with their kids on special days or volunteer in their child's classroom. As we turn the page on this pandemic and our school construction is coming to a close, we are now welcoming parents to join the fun that is happening at Alice Smith!

  • IF you want to volunteer in your class, you must FIRST connect with your child's teacher and Renee. Please keep in mind that all volunteers are required to pass a background check in order to be in the classroom and working with our kids.
  • IF you want to come and eat lunch with your child during a special day, please come to the office before your child's lunch and check in. You will be given a Visitor's Badge and you can go in the cafeteria and eat with your child.

Lunch Times are as Follows:
  • Kinder - 11:30 am
  • 1st Grade - 12:00 pm
  • 2nd Grade - 12:30
  • 3rd & 6th Grade - 1:00 pm
  • 4th/5th Grade - 1:30 pm

Restorative Justice Practices @ Alice Smith!

At Alice Smith Elementary, we have a strong focus on Restorative Justice Practices. Our staff believes deeply that we must create just relationships with all our young scholars, families and community members. Restorative Practices have been around and used by Indigenous nations for centuries. At Alice Smith we blend Restorative Practices with Restorative Justice creating an intersection where we can build and strengthen relationships with what is most important, the students. Each week we will share the different aspects of our process and today would like to share with you the five guiding principles of our work, the 5Rs.

There are 5 long-standing principles of Restorative Justice/Restorative Practices:

  • Relationship

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Repair

  • Reintegration

Relationship: When a relationship has been damaged it must be repaired. All persons involved both students and staff are brought together and whatever the issue, it is discussed, and resolution is discovered. We know that just relationships are the most important principle.

Respect: When there is mutual respect, feelings and perceptions are valued with equilibrium. No one voice is more important than the other. All persons enter the conversation to amend harm done.

Responsibility: Each person must take ownership of his/her/their role in conflict. Honesty and self-reflection is required. When persons have voice and agency to share, taking responsibility for one’s part in conflict becomes easier.

Repair: When harm is done, we do not just state that we are sorry. We acknowledge that harm has occurred, and commit to not doing it again, and asking the person that was harmed if there is anything that he/she/they need to make it right.

Reintegration: All persons make mistakes, and it is important to not only acknowledge this, but to welcome back the person who has harmed back into the community once repair efforts have been made.

Attendance Reminders

Remember it is important to Call/Email your students absence when they are not going to be at school.

School Day is 9:33am - 4:05pm

When you call/email in an absence it is IMPORTANT to provide the reason for not attending school, this allows the office to code attendance correctly, avoiding clarification calls later.

Attendance Line: 952-988-4210

Attendance Form:

Attendance Email:

Student Nutrition changes for the 2022-23 school year

The USDA has determined that school meals will NOT be free for all scholars for the 2022-23 school year. Therefore, a meal benefit application is required to obtain free or reduced meals. Meal applications for the 2022-23 school year are available on the Nutrition page in the Free Meals & Food Assistance tab. You can also find breakfast and lunch menus and pricing for paid meals on your child’s school website.

The USDA did not extend universal free meals for the 22-23 school year. Students must have money in their lunch accounts or have an approved meal benefit form on file. Any student regardless of eligibility must have money in their account if they wish to purchase milk only. We ask that you monitor your student's lunch account to ensure that they have a positive balance in their account. Because Alice Smith is a School wide Title 1 School, ALL of our Scholars do receive a FREE Breakfast Each Morning! - Lunch is NOT Free!

Apply Online

You need an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. For help, contact Aileen White 952.988.4203

Community Support Services @ Alice Smith!

Big picture

Ready, Set, Smile welcomes students and families of Alice Smith Elementary

We hope you all had a great summer full of smiles!

Ready, Set, Smile provides onsite preventive dental services twice a year at your school plus classroom education, so children learn how to keep their teeth healthy. It is not just about brushing and flossing, although that is most important!

For your child to receive in-school preventive services, please fill out our registration/consent form. Paper forms are available in the main office or use the QR code below to register with your smart phone.

Fall clinic date(s) at your school: October 6th and 7th

Questions? Please call us: (612) 721-6118

A special Ready, Set, Smile donor sponsors your school to help us see all children at no cost to families!
Your sponsor is:

Twin Cities Periodontics

Learn about eLearning days

Hopkins Public Schools has made an important change to our inclement weather policy (sometimes thought of as snow days). Starting this school year, when there is a need to close school due to weather, Hopkins Public Schools will shift to an eLearning day for PreK-12 students. Moving to eLearning days makes it possible for students to engage in learning even when the weather makes it unsafe to operate the in-person school. In addition, an eLearning format allows the district to plan for weather without having to consider adding additional days to the school year due to unexpected school closures. eLearning days do not apply to VirtualEDU as they will continue normal operations in the event of a weather-related closure. You can learn more about this policy on our website.

Social-Emotional Learning Survey September 21 - October 5

In accordance with our school board policy 520 to alert all parents of any surveying their child is taking part in.

Building our social-emotional learning skills is an important goal for our school this year. We will be asking for your 3-6th grade child to reflect on their own mindsets and approaches to learning via an online survey they will be completed at school in their homerooms. We will be asking home teachers to reflect on K-2 children.

The survey content will ask students to self-reflect on social and emotional competencies that align with the Hopkins graduate traits outlined in the district's strategic plan (e.g., sense of belonging, and rigorous expectations).

We are asking that all our students participate in the surveys. If a student doesn’t feel like they have enough information to answer a question, they can skip the item altogether. The responses to these surveys will be completely confidential. We are partnering with a third-party vendor to support us in administering these surveys. If you have any questions about the SEL survey or would like information about opting out, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also choose to opt your student out of this survey no later than September 19th.

Hopkins Community Health & Resource Fair

Sept. 17, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Eisenhower Community Center

Hopkins Public Schools and Hennepin County are hosting a Health and Resource Fair, this event is free and open to the public. Please inform families and friends. The parking lot is free! There are many services and activities at this event:

  • Behavioral health services

  • Blood pressure check

  • Diabetes screening

  • Elderly nutrition services

  • Rental assistance

  • SNAP/CASH/MA application assistance

  • Job openings

  • Safety and Security

  • Local businesses information

  • Community Services

  • English Adult Education

  • GED or High School Equivalency for Adults

  • Enrichment classes for Youth and Adults

  • College and Career pathways

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Electronic Backpack

Please take a look in our Electronic Backpack to find a variety of offerings & information for our scholars:

Girl Scouts Flyer

Hopkins Community Health & Resource Fai

Alice Smith Weekly Pics!