The Jenner Family


My name is Rob Jenner and I hope to pastor a church in Australia one day. My purpose in writing you is that you would consider helping me connect with likeminded people to network with.

I am 34 years old, a husband, father of two, and currently a student attending Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky ( Prior to seminary I served in pastoral ministry for over a decade. I believe God has called me to local church ministry in the areas of shepherding and teaching/preaching. I am passionate to see churches built up through gospel proclamation, expositional preaching, healthy membership, and worship of Jesus Christ.

At this point you might be thinking, “That’s great but why Australia?” Years ago when I was in my early twenties I had the opportunity to live in Newcastle, NSW. I was fortunate to have a flatmate from Perth and meet numerous Australian friends. I also travelled around the country, interacted with various Aussies, and visited several churches. I was impressed with how solid some evangelical congregations were yet struck by how few them seemed to exist, even in populous regions. I was also surprised by the overall secular culture amongst the people. I had gospel conversations with Aussies at BBQ’S, coffee shops, cricket games, and on the beach. Many were open to talking about spiritual matters but had little understanding of what it meant to follow Christ. (That said, I do not pretend to be an expert on the spiritual climate in OZ nor do I believe I’m some type of hero to the situation, don’t want to be a stereotypical yank ☺.) I know that Christ is building his church in your country and across the globe. I’d be thrilled to partner with the local church as God saves and equips many for his own glory.

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I believe the Lord has burdened my heart for the people of Australia. My family would be happy to live and do ministry in this country for the long haul. We know that God is sovereign and will open/close doors according to his plan. We also know that it is incumbent upon us to reach out to multiple pastors, elders, and churches to see if any opportunities present themselves. I hope to graduate from seminary May 2017, which gives me about year and a half window to pursue potential ministry openings.

As you read this perhaps there was a person, church, or Christian leader that came to your mind with whom it would be beneficial for me to connect. If so, I would be happy to talk with them via Skype, e-mail, or phone. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for your ongoing ministry in Australia.

Soli Deo Gloria!