October 2015

New Parent Orientation

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 7-8pm

This is an online event.

Here are the items we will discuss in the New Parent Orientation Webinar:

  • What is independent learning?
  • The Keystone Strong Start Program
  • The importance of a schedule
  • How to set your student up for success
  • The role of the Keystone parent
  • How to review progress and stay informed
  • Who to contact for help

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Keystone Strong Website

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What is the Level Up Initiative?

Over the next few weeks, you will be hearing more about the Level Up Initiative. The Level Up Initiative was designed as a way to increase the awareness of all Keystone students’ ability to successfully complete their course(s) by their due date. Students are evaluated quarterly and placed in one of three engagement levels based on their current grade and progress in their course(s). Keystone will provide students and parents with appropriate resources and support tailored to their level to make sure students are maximizing their potential. Students have the ability to “Level Up” as they progress through their year.

Engagement at Keystone is determined by monitoring the grades students are earning as well as their ability to complete their courses within one year. Although families can come to Keystone with individual plans, Keystone defines an engaged student as one that completes an average of at least 25% of their collective coursework each quarter and earning an average of 70% or higher in each of their courses.

Engagement Levels:

Level 3: Students are at risk for non-completion, failure, or delayed graduation.

Level 2: Students are performing at sufficient levels to successfully complete their courses by their due date and graduate within four years.

Level 1: Student are on track to complete their courses at an accelerated rate and graduate with excellence.

As a result of the Level Up Initiative, parents will have a greater insight into their student’s current status, increase their ability to support their student(s) and help them “Level Up.” Students will better understand their current standing and can work with Keystone to maximize their potential.