February Mid-Month Update!

Who is so ready to shake these winter blahs with me?

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Jessica Herrin and Anita Krpata are coming to The Jefferson on Wednesday, Feb 26th!

This is an incredible opportunity for us to have BOTH Anita and Jessica in Richmond. Hope you will make plans to join us and bring every potential on your list. You've heard me say it before, and you'll hear me say it again, but there is NO TRAINING like HO training, and most definitely none like the ones run by Jessica. You haven't heard overcoming objections until you've heard her do it! I've got a brand new job and I'm taking the day off to attend the training from 1:30-4:30, and the meet the founder event from 5:30-7- and I'm inviting everyone I know! Take advantage and let Jessica help jumpstart your business- AND hook your potentials! If you are not local, there are lots of events like this around the country, so check the events page for the closest one to you, grab a buddy, and get in the car!



There will be a VERY special training for Stylists to Stars- with Jessica and Anita- that evening in Jessica's suite- hoping some of you qualify because this is going to be amazing and I am SO bummed I am not invited! Requirements include 5000 in sales in the new jumpstart and 1 new stylist who has jumpstart qualified with 1000 in sales. You must fill out this survey to participate!

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Please join us every Monday evening...

tonight's call with be with the fabulous Christine Scott who will cover Booking at trunkshows, and next Monday's call will be spearheaded by Katie Larson. We will rotate leaders, speakers, topics and format each week to keep it fresh and fun! Join us!

Ready to grow your team and your income?

Love this sponsoring email that Jenny posted on the southern charms page!

Hey Andrea! It was so great to see you again last night! I have no clue if you would be interested in this but I keep thinking about you because I know how much you love the jewelry and you are such a people person - I just think you would be great doing what I do. I'm sure you're busy with your job and life, but 70% of ou...r Stylists actually work other jobs and do this on the side to earn extra $ and just have fun! If you are remotely intrigued I'm happy to chat with you more about it. Even if you only want to do one trunk show a month you are going to have fabulous jewels to wear all around town and have a little extra money! And if you decided you wanted to do more, there is always the option to! We have many Stylists (like myself) who have replaced other jobs with Stella & Dot. With the launch of our bags last year our market doubled and our Stylist opportunity is greater than ever before!

I'm reaching out now because if you're the least bit interested, ourFebruary Sign Up Special includes our best selling bag (the how does she do it on top of the $350 in free jewelry) . This cute video shows what you receive when you start your business with Stella & Dot.


Let me know what you think. I would love to share more about how it's worked for me and learn how it might be a good fit for you too!

We are all still in Jumpstart for All- why buy your samples when you can earn them for free?

Remember...we are ALL in Jump Start for ALL from January 9th - March 9th!

Every person you sponsor who goes on to jumpstart qualify (sell $1000 during THEIR 60 day jump start) you earn $100 cash bonus!

Every person your NEW stylist sponsors during HER jumpstart who goes on to jumpstart qualify (sell $1000 during THEIR 60 day jump start), your NEW STYLIST earns $100 cash bonus AND YOU earn $100 cash bonus!

My goal is to sponsor 3 this month! No clue if I'll get there..but I'm sure going to try! The first step is the "Our Story" video I'm sending to prospects who are not local, and the local Richmond ladies are getting an invitation to the Meet the Founder portion of Jessica's visit on the 26th!

Who is joining me in giving the gift of this business to friends, past hostesses, future hostesses, customers, facebook friends near and far!

Want to MAXIMIZE your jump start...THIS is one SMART way to help you do JUST that!

Who's in with me??

Don't miss these Home Office Calls!

Tuesday, February 18th

Tips from the Top with Tysh Mefford, Diamond Director

Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#

Wednesday, February 19th

Deep Dive Training featuring Danielle Redner

You've sponsored, now what?
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 2390843#

Opportunity Webinar
Thursday, February 20th

Click HERE and hit the registration button for registration ID, password is Stella.

For audio dial: 1-855-749-4750 Code 660-924-870

Imagine what would happen to your business if you invited every guest from your trunkshows to the weekly opportunity calls....

These are just this week's calls- log into your lounge home and click on your marketing calendar to see next week's calls or to listen to past recordings!

My Schedule- feel free to join me for an observation trunkshow!

Sunday, 2/23 Richmond, VA
Thursday, 3/6 Richmond, VA
Friday, 3/7 Staunton, VA
Thursday, 3/13 Chesterfield, VA
Thursday, 3/20 Charlottesville, VA
Monday, 3/25 Richmond, VA

Sunday, 4/6 Raleigh, NC

I had ONE March TS as of last week- I joined two booking blitzes and have taken a few slower days to reach out to 10 per day, and my calendar is now almost where I want it!

Todallets (that's Stella Dot backwards!)

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