YCKSS NE Newsfeed Term 1 Week 5

Feature on "The Future of Us" Exhibition

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Last week, our entire school visited "The Future of Us" exhibition as part of our National Education Learning Journey. Read on to view some highlights of the trip and thoughts from our NE Ambassadors!

About the Exhibition

"The Future of Us" exhibition was indeed an eye-opening experience for many of us as it allowed us a chance to explore the possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, play, care and learn in the future.

Immersive exhibits like the 360-degree dome in the Theatre of Generations, the interactive Home Tomorrow gallery, and the Blue Skies room were some of the areas where we learned about our past and saw the possibilities in our future.

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Thoughts from our NE Ambassadors...

Visiting the ‘The Future of Us’ was an amazing experience for me, as I got to learn not only about the future of Singapore but also the past!

I learnt that the past of Singapore wasn't as easy as today. For example, we didn't have good hospitals or good healthcare in the past, and people had to grow their own food too. However, now we have nine general Hospitals in the country, such as Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, and we are able to grow our food in hi-tech Agrotechnology Parks.

I feel that we should cherish what we have today and continue to develop things in the future. One of the things I would love to see in the future are more electric cars on the roads, as it will decrease pollution and are much cheaper to run than ordinary cars.

- Arshaq Shahid

One thing that I wish to see in the future are floating buildings because Singapore's land is scarce and also floating buildings will be cool to live in. In my perspective, I think we should make good use of the amount of land we have and use it to build shopping centres/parks etc and make Singapore a more beautiful city.

- Chloe Cheong

The Future is Now!

With recent developments in technology, the future no longer seems like a faraway dream. Click on the links below to read up on some of the latest technological wonders in our world!

Shelve paperbacks in favour of E-books in schools?

Technology in the form of e-books can forever change the way we study in schools. Click here to read up on how a school in London is working to replace textbooks with mobile devices and tablets to help students learn better.

The tech giving people power to deal with disability

New developments may help people with disabilities such as blindness, deafness and mobility issues to interact with the world and lead better lives.

Jibo the home robot nears release

The newest addition to your family can very well be a robot! Click the link to watch a video on how the world's first home robot, slated for release this year, can help you with around the house.

Post Fortnight Reflections

The “Future of Us” exhibit is about the future of Singapore and the technologies that will be created in the future. For example, one of the things that was featured which interested us were the levitating buildings. Most of us know that Singapore is a small country and we do not have the space for housing estates. With levitating buildings in the future, we will be able to build more houses and the price of housing will no longer be sky high.

To add on, the technology used in the exhibit also captivates us because it kind of showed us how impressive future technology can be. Utilising technology for military uses can also make a huge improvement for our future, as it can improve our defence and let us be well prepared against threats from other countries. We can also use technology against terrorism which keeps our NS men safe during battles and wars.

This is especially important in our times as terrorism is a real threat that is facing many countries around the world, the most recent example being the bombings and gunfights in Jakarta last month that killed many innocent civilians. Singapore may be a safe place for us now, but we should not take peace for granted. Technological advances on the military front will therefore not only allow us to respond better to such threats, but allow us to be more vigilant to avoid the attacks in the first place.

Reflection by Boon Wah and Amos Oh.

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I wish to see floating buildings and more high tech stuff in Singapore's future, as well as robots helping us in daily chores.

- Javious Leong, 1E2

I would want to see schools using technology for studies so it would be easier on the students as they won't have to suffer much.

- Ken Lim, 2A1

The thing i would like to see in Singapore is that school can let student use technology and online to do their academic work and that is very easy to find information and the problem of student forgot to bring books will be decrease and they no need carry a heavy school bag to school everyday.

- Tan Xuan Ling, 3T1

Tech that can help people to type down what you are thinking now. It is more convenient for students to write essay or assignment because we type slower than what we think and the idea will be gone sometimes.

- Tan Zhi Hui, 4E4

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