Weekly Updates

Rocky River Elementary School

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December 7, 2015 - December 11, 2015

Upcoming Events

Monday, Dec. 7 - Day 2

Tuesday, Dec. 8 - Day 3

  • TIPS meeting (K and 1st) @ 8:00
  • Leadership Team Meeting @ 3:30

Wednesday, Dec. 9 - Day 4

  • Early Release @ 1:00
  • Tech PD begins at 1:45

Thursday, Dec. 10 - Day 5

  • 2nd Quarter Interim Reports
  • 3rd Grade - Discovery Place
  • Holidays Around the World - 1st Grade Program @ 6:00

Friday, Dec. 11 - Day 6

  • 3rd Grade - Discovery Place
  • Holiday Goodies provided by: Office, Enhancements, Cafeteria, EC, & Custodians


Chuck and Lani

Do Your Best Work Today!

I know Christmas break is right around the corner. If you have any doubt just ask your kids. But make sure you make the most of the moment in front of you. We can't change the past, what has happened last week or last year. We can't control the future, no matter how much we plan and hope we can. The only thing we have truly can affect is this moment in time. Make the most of it. Stay focused on what we want to accomplish and what you can provide to your kids at this time. Do your best work today!

Lunch Reminders

Timing is Everything: Please remember to be in the cafeteria at your assigned lunch times. Please leave your room with enough time to arrive in the cafeteria at your assigned time. Also please remember that you likely have another class scheduled to sit down at your table at the time you are to leave. Please be mindful of the fact that the table should be washed and ready for the next class to sit down at their assigned time. Thank you!

Red Cups: PBIS team would like to get back to our red cup universal. After students go through the line and sit down to eat we ask that each class place the red cup in the center of the table. This reminds students they should take the first 10 minutes of lunch to eat quietly. After 10 minutes the red cup is removed which tells students they have the final 20 minutes the socialize with friends.

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Dec. 7 - Shaun Brennan

Happy Birthday!

Library is OPEN

Don't forget to utilize our media center during OPEN CHECKOUT!

  • 8:30-9:00
  • 10:00-11:00

This Week's Winner's Circle!

Here are a couple of highlights from the week!
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Polar Plunge! Mrs. Earnhardt and Dr. LaRusso jumped in Ashlyn Creek (swimming pool, that is). Students smashed the goal of $15,000 by raising over $21,000 dollars toward our new playground!