Monday Memo

May 9-May 16

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to take a minute to wish all mom's a happy Mother's Day!! I hope your family showered you with love today. Hopefully, you were able to get the night off from making dinner and had time to pamper yourself or relax today. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Thank You

Well, we made it to the end. I want to thank you all for a wonderful year at Wright City. There have been a lot of great memories made and I know our kids have learned so much! You all have worked so very hard and given everything you have to make sure our students leave this school year successful. I hope you all have the chance to relax and recharge this summer, it is certainly well deserved.
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The Last 6 Days

We have A LOT packed into the last 6 days. See the calendar of events below.

Monday, May 9 - Penny Drive Begins, Book Fair Begins, 4th Grade Field Day, RTI @ 3:40

Tuesday, May 10 - Talent Show @ 8:45, 1st Grade Tour @ 9:45, Library Presentations Begin @ 12, Talent Show 6-7 pm

Wednesday, May 11 - Torch Run (time TBD, wear your shirt and jeans), 3rd Grade Field Day, End-of-Year Celebration in Art Room, Summer School Meeting @ 4 in Library

Thursday, May 12 - 2nd Grade Field Day

Friday, May 13 - 5th Grade Field Day, Running Records Due in Google, Checkouts Begin, Spectrum Night at Middle School 6-8 pm

Monday, May 16 - Awards 10-11 am, 5th Grade Promotion 2-3 pm, Checkouts Continue

Tuesday, May 17 - Checkouts End

Keep It Going

Thank you for keeping students working and engaged. Please make sure we are keeping our rigorous lessons going until the end. Students thrive on structure. We owe it to them to make sure they receive valuable instruction each day of the year.
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Please make sure you have completed all items on your checklist before your scheduled checkout time.

Remember to have students write a letter to their teacher for next year and include this letter in their green folder. We will have boxes for each class in order to sort the folders in the office at checkout.

There is no need to box up the items on your large built in bookcases, but please make sure there isn't anything on the bottom shelf. This will help prevent any damage when they wax the floors this summer.

All running record books should be turned in before checkout. Make sure you printed the list to check and ensure you have all books. If you loaned books out please make sure you get those back.

At checkout, if you have old curriculum we will have it removed at that time. Please don't ask the custodians to remove it beforehand. There are specific things we have to do with the items removed.

We have been collecting boxes for teachers that are moving rooms and need to box up curriculum. However, those boxes have disappeared from the building. We also had a stack of boxes taken from our office that are needed. If you took the boxes from the office we need you to return those. Please do not take the boxes we are collecting. We now do not have the boxes we need to move classes or box up curricular items. If you need boxes to remove your personal items, you will need to bring those in on your own.