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5H Update

Theme Projects

I was very happy with the students Theme 3 projects, "Go with the Flow". Theme 4 will be their last theme project of the year, it's called "Dare to be Great". The students will focus on famous inventors and inventions. They will choose an invention that has made an impact on society. They will research that invention and create a Wix website. I will teach them how to use Wix at school. This project should be worked on both at home and school.

5H Blog

Don't forget, If you are wondering what great things we are doing at school check out our blog. We are almost paperless in the classroom, projects are mostly done on the ipads, during STEM/PBL, or in the computer lab. I also incorporate Google Classroom into many class assignments.

Adventure/Survival Literature Circles

The students are in their second week of their adventure/survival books. It's important that they read at home each night so that they are prepared to work on their job for lit. circles on Tuesday and present their jobs on Thursday.

Magazine Donations

We are starting a new project that requires the students to cut items out of magazines. Donations would be great. Looking for magazines with lots of color, for example Home and Garden. Thank you in advance.

Classroom Campfire Celebration

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