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March 23, 2020

3 Ways to Show Up When You Are Stressed and Uncertain by Dan Rockwell

3 ways to show up: Choose how you show up or uncertainty will push you around.

#1. During uncertainty, choose to show up with curiosity.

  1. What are we missing?
  2. What are the options?
  3. What might we try?

#2. During uncertainty, show up with empathy and compassion.

Empathy suggests shared emotion. Compassion suggests dirty hands. People don’t need pity. They need you to believe in them.

Empathy statements:

  1. Help me understand the stress you’re feeling.
  2. Help me understand what your challenges feel like.

#3. During uncertainty, show up to help.

Helping isn’t doing someone’s job. Provide help that enables team members to act with confidence, enthusiasm, and excellence.

  1. What bureaucracy might be eliminated?
  2. Who might you know that could be helpful?
  3. What resources might be available?
  4. How might you clarify priorities so people can ignore insignificant urgencies?
  5. What permission might you provide so initiative doesn’t fear punishment?

The question isn’t how to eliminate the uncertainty. The question is how to maximize the opportunity

From the LeadershipFreak Blog

Outcry Form for Families in Need

The outcry form is a joint effort with counseling, Leigh Cook, and the nursing department. It addresses mental and physical wellness and financial needs. It was created for staff members to fill out when they see a family in need.

Please go to K-Connect to access the CoVid 19 Tile (see upper left corner for a picture of the tile) to report a family in need. Submissions will go to Leigh Cook and she will distribute appropriate information and resources.

Please reach out to the following for questions - Marcene Weatherall and/or Leigh Cook. Thanks!

Assistant Principal Updates and Information - Just in Case You Missed an Email!!

  • To assist you in getting answers to questions you may be receiving regarding topics supported by the Student Services department, i.e. Transfers, Enrollment, Field trips, Transportation, etc. Please send those questions and/or direct parents to send their questions to the email address below. We will be checking this daily and please know that if you have specific questions yourself feel free to contact Dustin, Joe or Laura by cell phone or email. We are here to support you and ready to help in any way. KISD Student Services email is -

  • Kinder and First-grade round-up will be held the week of April 13th - this point

  • AP EOY Checklist - Will be posted in April

  • Vaping Forums and Saturday Vaping classes will be rescheduled

  • 504 Guidelines coming soon

Aeries - The Show Must Go On!

Secondary Campus Staff Members (Office Staff and Administrators),

In line with our "new normal" of remote work and learning scenarios, Aeries training has been moved to an online format. Pick the day that works best for your schedule. Make sure that when you log in to the meeting, you identify yourself with your full name or email address so we can record your attendance.

Everyone signed up for a class is encouraged to use the link below to make sure their devices are ready to participate in the webinar. If you have internet service at your home or remote work location, you will not need to connect to Keller's network to participate in the class. You may access the link directly.

Click the link below to test your device and ensure that it is prepared for training.

The webex information can be found in the Eduphoria class notes as well as in the training schedule below.

Aeries Training Schedule @ Keller

Contact Rhonda Dominguez with questions.

Re-enrollment and Enrollment Procedures during Shut Down

Please see Jamie Yates emails - HIghlights include:


  1. Students CANNOT have a start date between 3/9/20 - 3/20/20*** (District considered closed for preparation.)
  2. You MUST receive an email approval from Deb Cartwright, Teresa Petty, or myself before re-enrolling the student.
  3. You MUST have your registrar complete all the steps in the Re-Enrollment Process Flowchart or the student will not be able to access the online learning resources.

If you re-enrolled students during these dates, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Contact the parent and explain that due to the COVID-19 school closure that they must submit either; a request to re-enroll with all of the appropriate information to or they must complete a new Keller ISD Enrollment Form which can be found on the PEIMS Google Site on KCloud and email it to you. We must have this documentation reflecting parent authorization for the student to re-enroll and access the online curriculum.
  2. Change the enrollment date to 3/23/2020
  3. Change the ADA start date on the 146 screen to 3/23/2020
  4. Change the entry code on the Entry/Withdraw screen to C19
  5. Change the start date on the student's schedule to 3/23/2020

Enrollment of New Students:

Important Facts and Reminders:

  1. Make sure that you are checking InfoSnap daily.
  2. Students CANNOT have a start date between 3/9/20 - 3/20/20*** (District considered closed for preparation.)
  3. We are requiring ONLY residency and immunizations records to be uploaded at this time.
  4. You MUST receive an email from Health Services with immunization approval before proceeding with enrollment. If the student is enrolling from another Texas school, they have 30 days to provide immunization records.
  5. You MUST receive an email with the residency documents for the student from Deb Cartwright or myself before enrolling the student.
  6. The Home Language Survey is not part of the online enrollment process at this time so, you MUST notify the LEP Coordinator on your campus if the parent stated on the Infosnap registration that the student has previously or is currently receiving LEP services.
  7. You MUST complete all the steps in the New Enrollment Process Flowchart or the student will not be able to access the online learning resources.

***If you have parents that have already completed Infosnap process for new student enrollment prior to 3/24/2020, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Contact the parent and explain that due to the COVID-19 school closure that they must submit residency and immunization records for review before we can complete the enrollment process.
  2. Email the parent the link below to the Form Upload for New Student Enrollment Google Form

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Stephanie Cantu - Student Services Assistant X 1115

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