McMillen Minute

Success by Design: February 1-5

Lunch Duty: February 1-5

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Pic of the Week

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District News

Contract Renewal

The last day to sign your Plano ISD Contract Renewal Performance Checklist is Wednesday, Feb. 3rd.

Campus News

Off Campus

I will be attending a conference, Wednesday-Friday. Mr. Lockett has been giving the authority to make all campus decisions in my absence. If you have any requests or questions, please contact Mr. Lockett. If Mr. Lockett is off campus, please contact Mrs. Langford.

Pep Rally Bell Schedule: February 5th

1st 9:00-9:45

2nd 9:50-10:35

3rd 10:40-11:25

4th 11:30-12:15

LUNCH : 12:15-1:00

5th 1:05-1:50

6th 1:55-2:40

7th 2:45-3:30

Faculty Meeting

February 16th 8:20am and 4:30pm

Morning Tutorials

For safety and security, we will lower the main gate leading to the B Hall at roughly 8:15. If you have students meeting you for tutorials prior to 8:15, you can ask them to enter through a door closest to your pod, or send Odi an email (18 hour notice) indicating you are expecting students. She will be monitoring student movement until additional staff members report to morning duty areas.

Feedback from Teacher Survey: Lions Lunch

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