Breakfast/ Healthy Snack

Khamyiah Lee

Why is Breakfast Important?

If you don't eat breakfast, weight control can be hard for you. It causes you to eat and snack more. Breakfast provides us with energy, gives you important nutrients such as, calcium,iron, b vitamins as well as protein and fiber.

Healthy Breakfast Choices

There are variety of healthy choices for breakfast such as:

  • English Muffin With Egg
  • Breakfast Wrap with Avocado
  • bagel with low fat cream cheese

Good resources of breakfast

These Healthy choices

  • The English muffin is a good choice because its low in fat and promotes a healthy heart.
  • A healthy breakfast wrap is a healthy breakfast wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla filled with protein, fiber, and other good sources.
  • The Fiber bar is good for when your rushing or don't feel like cooking anything, you still get the things you need.

Do You Need Good Guidance For Smart Snacking

Well instead of chips, cookies, ice-cream and other bad snack choices, try things that are healthy. For example celery with a little peanut-butter, a veggie plate, apple, etc.. I'm not saying that you cant have the unhealthy snacks every once in a while but try to stick to the ones that benefits you. You should snack when your going 4 hours between a meal. That doesn't mean snack every hour for those 4 hours
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Healthy Snack Choices

The snacks keeps your hunger satisfied without over-doing it.