Darkest Night

A flier of the Story NIGHT, by Ellie Wiesel

Changes of The mind, body, and soul

When imprisoned, the human Psyche undergoes many changes, and, unfortunately, quite a few of them end up being permanent. Although some characteristics may be improved, like resolve and bravery, nine times out of ten, the simply damage the prisoner. Psychological evaluations of a human under extreme stress have shown Psychiatrist that the human body and mind will literally eat away at itself, damaging there mental health and physical health. This can destroy a man, and there are thousands of examples of this happening during the holocaust, whether its people going crazy, like trying to strangle someone for no real reason.

Another destructive effect the cattle cars had was they tore apart families. As we see in the book, many people ditched there fathers or brothers because they thought they were being slowed down by them, so they would either bury them in snow, or just steal there food. No matter what they did, they still condemned them to a horrible death.

Revelations of the Mind

This novel showed me how ungrateful I am, and how much I take for granted.

These people had everything stripped away from them: There families, friends, possessions, dignity, and finally there life. It made me realize how much I had, and how much I should be thankful for. It also helped me realize that if I can help anyone, I need to because of so much I've been given.


I found three main points from this book: Religion, Love, and Death.

I thought of religion because Hitler's personal hate caused the death of so many million Jews. The next point I thought of was love, because he loved his father so much, he did his best to save him, even in the worst of situations, and even when his father was dying. My final thought was of death, for all of the obvious reasons, and the fact that, although some people escaped, many people stared death in the face and accepted it.