Robert Fulton:

Seth Goff

Birth & Death of Robert Fulton

Born on November 14, 1765 in Little Britain Township, Pennsylvania

Died from Tuberculosis on February 24, 1815 in New York, New York.


Robert Fulton had 3 sisters: Isabella, Elizabeth, and Mary. He also had a brother and his name was Abraham

His mother's name was Mary Smith and his father's name was Robert Fulton.

Robert got married to Harriet Livingston and had 3 children their names were Robert, Julia, and Mary Corndia

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Robert went to Quaker Elementary School.

Important life events/ Contributions to change

He learned the art of a gunsmith and, he was also was an apprentice to a jeweler in Philadelphia. Robert on-top of building the Steamboat he also invented to Nautalis.

He was an engineer and a painter as well as an inventor.He'd been a gunsmith during the American Revolution.


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