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The Treatment Of Scabies

How is it diagnosed?

Based on the story of the night itching and lesions found in areas suggestive, any dermatologist is able to make a clinical diagnosis, which can be easily confirmed by direct examination of material scraped from the skin of the patient and examined under a microscope.

How is it treated?

Kyle Leon - There are several topical drugs that can be used in the treatment of scabies. Ecocides are solutions that should normally be diluted and applied at night, the whole body of the individual, for a few days. No need to boil bedding or personal, for the mite does not survive long outside the host.

Exists also the possibility of treatment with oral medication that should be prescribed by your doctor Ecocide The soaps are not usually effective and produce, in many cases, allergic reactions that worsen the case.

Alternative Solutions - All persons residing in the house of the patient should be examined or even treated, sometimes with lower doses of medication.

Pregnant women and infants should not use the same drugs than other people affected by this hook noses.

Good hygiene and condom use is the correct preventative way.

It is not considered a sexually transmitted disease.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. states that this disease may be related to: new sex partner, multiple sex partners. According to the CDC the way to prevent this disease would be.

Do not have sex or sexual contact, limiting the number of sexual partners themselves, do vaginal douches without medical advice, and do the full treatment recommended by the doctor.