Affects of Przewalski's Horse

Their affect in the environment and how you can help

Their part in the environment

The Przewalski's Horse is a herbivore & primary consumer, mainly eating grasses and other vegetation. The Przewalski's niche is to be a primary consumer and decrease the plant population. Before it went extinct in the wild its natural predator was the wolf. As it is being reintroduced into the wild, they are being threatened by hybridization with domestic horses and competition for food and water with domestic horses and other livestock.

what can you do?

1. Join the El Paso Zoological Society in support of the Zoo's conservation and education programs.

2. Write letters asking your representatives in Congress to support funding for international wildlife conservation programs.

3. Write letters to world leaders asking them to do more to help these animals.

4. Learn about conservation efforts by visiting the websites of non-profit organizations working to help Przewalski's horses .