Argentina: The Soccer Leader

By: Siddha Sannigrahi

Destino Argentina - CORTO -

What is the Capital City of Argentina?

The capital city of Argentina is...Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and the 2nd largest metropolitan area in South America after Greater São Paulo. People from Buenos Aires are referred to as portenos(people of the port). Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination, and is known for its European style architecture and rich cultural life, with the highest concentration of theatres in the world.

Major Crops

A Little Bit More About Cotton....

On average, each year Argentina produces about 200,000 tons of cotton, although the domestic market only uses about 80,000 tons.

Major Exports and Industries

Sports and Recreation in Argentina

Soccer is the main sport and also the national game. This was introduced in 1860 and is still the most popular game. During winter , Argentinians enjoy "Andinismo", which means hiking , mountain-climbing, cross country Skiing in the Andes mountains.  Another special sport is called "pato" (duck) first played by gauchos ( cowboys ) . Now its played differently with two teams with four men on horseback attempting to throw a modern pato ( which is a leather ball with 6 handles ) , into one of the 2 baskets at either end of the field.Horce racing is also a popular spectator sport. Races are held throughout the year. Tennis is also popular amoung youngsters.

Where Can I Go In Argentina?

Iguazu Falls-

The Iguazu River rises near the city of Curitiba. It flows through Brazil for most of its course. Below its confluence with the San Antonio River, the Iguazu River forms the boundary between Argentina and Brazil.

Mundo Marino-

Mundo Marino is the largest aquarium in South America, it is in San Clemente del Tuyú, Argentina. It is considered the Sea World of South America and is a must see for anyone who goes to Argentina.

Buenos Aires Zoo-

The Buenos Aires Zoo is an 45-acre zoo in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Zoo contains 89 species of mammals, 49 species of reptiles and 175 species of birds, with a total of over 2,500 different animals.

What Problems Does Argentina Have?

Criminal activity is concentrated in urban areas, especially greater Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, and Mendoza. The wealthier parts of metro Buenos Aires experience high rates of property crime, with high-income neighborhoods often registering twice as many complaints as some of the poorer parts of town. This may be a result of better or more frequent reporting by the citizens living in these areas.

Fun Facts

Timeline of Argentina

1516- Explorer Juan Dìaz de Solis discovers Rio de la Plata. Spain later claims it and the surrounding region.

1776- Spain creates a large colony called the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata. It covers present-day Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Bolivia. Buenos Aires is named its capital.

1810- On May 25, armed citizens of Buenos Aires kick out the Spanish Viceroy and establish a government.

1816-1817- Argentina declares its independence from Spain. José de San Martín defeats Spanish forces in Chile.

1880's- Argentina becomes a major exporter of wool, wheat and beef. Soon, it becomes the richest nation in Latin America.

1943- A group of military officers seize power

1946 -Colonel Juan Perón is elected president. He promises higher wages and better working conditions. His wife, Eva "Evita" Perón, is in charge of labor relations. She becomes a powerful political figure.

1982-Argentina goes to war with Britain over control of the Falkland Islands. Argentina’s military government collapses, ending a period of repression.

1991- The government makes the peso equal to the value of the U.S. dollar. This helps to stabilize the Argentine economy.

2001- Thousands protest soaring unemployment and increased poverty. On December 20, President Fernando de la Rua resigns. Congress names a new president, Eduardo Duhalde.

2007- Cristina Fernández de Kirchner becomes the first woman to be elected President. She succeeds her husband, Nestor Kirchner.

2009- Argentina claims a vast territory including the ocean as far as Antarctica and islands that are governed by the British. Britain refuses to negotiate its claims to the territory.

Would I Go?

No because, Crime is a serious problem in Argentina but can be managed with common sense precautions. Street crime appears to be increasingly common and more violent than in the past; it is often committed with a firearm or other deadly weapon. In January 2010, local press reported that over 1.2 million firearms are registered to nearly 700,000 users in Argentina, with almost 36,000 permits issued in 2010. American tourists routinely report stolen U.S. passports to the Embassy. Some of these were stolen violently, including at gunpoint. Long-term residents, like Argentines, have greater exposure to criminal activity on the street while driving, traveling, and at home. I don't wan't to be in a place where I feel unsure about my safety, and I myself am cautious about where I go, and what happens there. I am deathly afraid of anything to do with death or robbing, so I don't think Argentina is the best place to go for my sake. My 2 reasons are they're lenience in handing out firearms and there amount of crime on the streets.