Women's liberation

By: Chase Poole

Roe V Wade

On June twenty second 1973 the U.S supreme court sided with Roe in the Roe V Wade case making abortion legal.

Equal rights admendment

The Equal rights amendment said that women can't be discriminated by their gender

Betty Friedan

Betty was a big player for the women's liberation movement. She a book called the Feminine Mystique which encouraged women to go out and get more for themselves and made told them they was more then just a cooking, cleaning, child caring person they had values and rights.

Gloria Steinam

Gloria was one of the most famous women activist during this time period. She was involved in all of the women's right movement groups. Gloria and Betty Friedan shared the same thoughts on and believed the same way when it came to women's rights.

Phyllis Schafly

Phyllis was a conservative during this time. She was against the ERA and NOW. She believed that women are meant to stay at home and take care of the house and family.

Facts about women's liberation during the sixties

-1965 LBJ added discrimination by gender to his affirmative action list

-A women couldn't divorce husband unless showed fault by him

-A women couldn't have a credit card in her name

-Could be fired from job for being pregnant

-Serve on a jury

-Get an ivy League education

Why i chose this topic and these pictures

I chose Women's liberation because women are still battling some of the same issues today 50 years later, I think women rights are still being limited today. I chose these pictures are the topics that women are faced with.