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Social Conscience

I can recognize how my attitude impacts those around me.

Life is full of events and situations that come upon us that we did not create or deserve. Here is the hard part about those situations -- YOU are responsible for how you respond to those circumstances. Tim and Brian Kight from Focus3 use an equation to put you in control of your future. E + R = O -- Event + Response = Outcome. Our outcomes are determined by how we respond to events in our lives. The Kights tell us that if we are not getting the outcomes we want then we must look at our response. If we are not getting what we want, it is because our response is not good enough. How we respond matters and how we respond is greatly determined by our attitude. They also make the important point that our RESPONSE can be someone else’s EVENT. How we respond to events or circumstances not only impacts our outcomes, but it creates events that others must deal with. Your response can be that event or situation that others did not create, but they must deal with. If the responses are positive, then we can hopefully impact others in a positive way. If our responses are negative, then we will almost always impact others in a negative way.

Your response and your attitude determine the culture we create. Your attitude impacts others. Looking at the list above, what type of attitude do you want to build our culture around?

Remember, while your response to events may be deeply personal in motivation, it is never private. YOUR ATTITUDE MATTERS MOST!

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Jacki Richardson and Kim Roberts for hosting music events this week. It was good to see groups back in the auditorium.
  • All those who helped with MORP, aka Prom, aka Senior Celebration last weekend.
  • Sara Berghoff and Kim Roberts for helping to set up and organize the Ivy Tech/Marian University press conference on Wednesday.
  • Eric Woodke for the hours of extra time organizing and planning for events at the end of the year.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 35: Grateful Friday Challenge:

Here we are the junction between the week and the weekend. The number of days we have left in the year, and the seniors have left in their time here at SHS, are beginning to dwindle. Do you remember your senior year, do you remember how bitter sweet those last few days were? Ready to be finished but still wanting to hang on for a few more chances to make memories with the kids you grew up with since elementary school… Things change, often. And while growing up is amazing, it still can be a bit scary. For this week's #SHSGFC, let’s take it back to our own senior years. What song takes you back to those days. It could be a song from that year or one that reminds you of a memory from high school in general. Dial-up that song on YouTube and sit back and smile as you travel back in time to those great bygone days. After listening -- SHARE! Put your song link and notes (if you want) into the following document and have fun listening to great songs all day long!

Senior Songs

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Kenny Slaughter

Mr. Slaughter's Intro to Business students have been working on a business plan over the past couple of weeks in class. Today, students were thinking about and organizing a marketing plan for their selected business. Students had to think and write about different facets of their marketing plan. In this plan, students had to address marketing, promotion, social and ethical responsibilities, and their competition. Students will continue to work on this business plan over the next week as they finalize all aspects of their business model.

Music Concerts are Back!

It was great to see students performing live on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Richardson and her choirs performed their Spring Concert in the auditorium with friends and family in the audience. Senior choir members were also recognized at the end of the evening. Mr. Wright and Mr. Copeland will have concerts next week on Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm. And Mrs. Roberts is hosting a story student-created musical this Friday night at 8 pm.

Raye Jordan

Mrs. Jordan's Nutrition and Wellness students are making cupcakes. The students had the liberty to decorate and design the cupcakes of their choosing. The group in the picture got creative and made a cupcake design that resembled a pizza.

Sarah Gott-Helton

Mrs. Gott-Helton's senior English students have recently finished the book The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. Students had to pick a character from the book and create a mask that embodies that character. The students could use a variety of supplies as they are working to depict their character through the mask.

Educational Humor

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