Erwin School Library Staff Update

Nancy Cravey, School Librarian

15 February 2016

Please be encouraging students to work on Reading Fair projects. There are flyers with information about the Reading Fair in your mailboxes to go home this week.

Holiday Reading Challenge certificates were placed in boxes last week. Please send them home this week so parents who wish to use the basketball ticket voucher will have enough time to reserve their tickets.

Dates of Interest and Importance

February15 -- EBOB Team after school meeting

February 16 -- EBOB Team lunch meeting

Februrary 18 -- EBOB Team lunch meeting

February 19 -- 3rd-5th grade artist visit

February 22 -- EBOB Team after school meeting

February 23 -- EBOB Team lunch meeting

February 24 -- EBOB Team after school meeting

Februrary 25 -- EBOB Team lunch meeting

February 26 -- 3rd-5th grade author visit

February 29-March 4 -- Reading Fair

February 29 -- EBOB Team after school meeting

March 1 -- EBOB Team lunch meeting

March 2 -- EBOB Team after school meeting

March 3 -- EBOB Team lunch meeting
March 7 -- EBOB Team after school meeting

March 8 -- EBOB Team lunch Meeting

March 9 -- EBOB District Competition

Reading Fair

We will once again have a Reading Fair the first week of March to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Day. An email with specific instructions will be sent this week. Please forward it to parents.

If you are planning on assigning a book project for Black History Month, the Reading Fair would be a great format to use.

You can read about the guidelines for projects, view the rubric and how-to guides, and see pictures of past projects on the school website.

There are also examples of past projects on display in the library.

Guided Reading Library

Please remember that teachers are responsible for putting away guided reading books in the library workroom. Some teachers have a parent volunteer who also helps with this task. Guided reading books should be shelved upon being returned rather than left on the workroom counter.
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Thanks to all classroom teachers for turning in January reading minutes. Last month students read 211,358 minutes. This school year students have read 825,820 minutes since August.

Congratulations to the Class of the Month, Ms. Thompson-White's 5th grade girls. They read 23,235 minutes in January, for an average pf 1,161 minutes per student!

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Discovery Education: President's Day

Check out Discovery Education for President's Day lessons and resources. Find them here.

Tech Tip: Get ready to change your password

As we approach the end of the 180 days when since the password reset in August of 2015, here are reminders about what steps to take to create a new password and keep all of your devices synced.

Before the password expires, you will receive a 10 day notice in the system tray that your password will expire. If this notice is sent on the weekend, then the user will see it again that following Monday morning.

The criterion for the password reset is as follows:

· Minimum of 6 characters (can be more)

· Capitol Letter

· Lower Case Letter

· Number

· Special Character

(You must choose at least 3 of the 4)

Note: The password needs to be unrelated to your Name, Social, Birthdate and needs to vary from the last 3 password resets.

Personal devices, i.e. Phone, Tablet, CPU/Laptop:

If the you receive your GCS email on any of the above mentioned devices, you need to reset your GCS password in the Settings section of your device again. Failure to do so, will not allow the email to properly synchronize and update.

Additionally, when the you open your MS Outlook for the first time after the password reset occurs, the security window will appear and you have to insert your new password again. It may also be a good idea to check the box “Remember My Credentials” to avoid:

a) the window appearing again

b) delays in email synchronization, preventing the Inbox to properly update

GCS Moves to Windows-based Tablets

The district has adopted a process of using a Windows based platform for all GCS technology needs. Technology purchases made by utilizing the procurement card or school checkbook funds need to be in compliance with the Windows-based platform as well. These purchases will be reviewed during the normal auditing process and findings of non-compliance will be reported similar to all other findings. The same applies to any donations made to your school.

I am inquiring about what this means for Donors Choose projects, but the language in the District's communication implies that teachers seeking technology for their classroom, even through outside funding sources like Donors Choose, should request Windows-based devices, not Apple products.