SENIORS - Be Sure to Complete the Following Graduation Requirements...


On Friday, April 30, GCHS will celebrate the Seniors with a special hallway display & online slideshow. Please take 30-seconds to complete this VERY brief survey so we can share your post-grad plans with all your fans (aka your parents, friends, relatives & staff). Senior Certificates will be displayed in one of the main entrances of the school, but if you do not want your certificate displayed, please email, thank you!


The information collected in this survey is utilized both state and nation wide to coordinate high schools with post-secondary education. The survey should take no longer than 3-4 minutes to complete and may be accessed on a smart phone, PC, tablet or laptop. The survey also automatically generates a completed Final Transcript Release Request Form, which is required by most colleges following graduation.


State law requires all Illinois public high school seniors to complete either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid (Alternative Application) as a prerequisite to receiving a high school diploma.


If you need assistance completing the FAFSA, please make a one-on-one appointment with Alexis Alvarez, our dedicated ISAC rep.


For students who choose not to file a Financial Aid application, a waiver, completed by a parent or guardian, is required. If you wish to opt yourself out of the Financial Aid Application graduation requirement, please complete this form no later than Friday, May 7, 2021.

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A Letter to Graduating Seniors In The Home Stretch

Can you believe it? You're almost at the finish line - you've almost finished 4-years of high school. 4-years of classes, quizzes, homework, teenage drama and, hopefully, lasting friendships. 4-years of rushing through crowded hallways & staircases and hustling to class through a riot of backpacks. 4-years of Shakespeare, U.S. Presidents & history, Chemistry, art, music, sports; you name it. I’m sure by now you’ve found your niche.

It's possible you're anxiously awaiting college decisions or deciding whether you should take that internship or just take a year off to travel or work and save money. Most of you have lived in our little corner of Illinois for your entire lives up to this point, and are eager to open your eyes to the rest of the world and to new opportunities.

Often, in moments of stress, we're quick to proclaim “I can't wait to get out of this town!” Be excited for the next stage of your life, but also try to remember the significance your hometown has had on your life. The community you were raised in shaped you as an individual. These suburban roads lined with houses have been here longer than you have & have allowed you to navigate your identity.

If you'll allow me to impart some old-age (not age-old;) wisdom in this final month - appreciate the town that gave you most everything to create the person you are today. Whether a favorite restaurants, or influential teachers, or places where you spent meaningful times with friends, make the most out of them while you can. In a blink of an eye, you may be whisked off to a new city with your life flipped upside down.

And so, to all the graduating seniors, when your name is called on that stage in just over 40-days, and you rise to collect your diploma, smile at your friends and family. Smile at those who made you the person you are today. Smile because what you are leaving behind is ushering in a new beginning. The beginning of an entirely new chapter that you are the author of, in an atmosphere of your own.

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