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How to make weekly Lesson Plans & Homework posting on RenWeb easier!

RenWeb has recently updated their mobile APPS for both Apple and Android devices so that teachers and staff can easily post both Lesson Plans and Homework straight from mobile phones and tablets!

To download RenWeb Staff HD for iPad and iPhone, please click here. Don't forget to download RenWeb Staff for iPhone and Android.

How To:

Creating Lesson Plans with RenWeb Staff HD for iPad:

This tutorial is also available in RenWeb University (RWU). To access RWU from RenWeb Desktop, click the RenWeb University button on the main screen. To access RWU from RenWeb Portal, click the help button on the top right of the screen.

  • From the Home Menu, tap Lesson Plan.
  • Select a class from the list. You will only see the classes for which you have rights for.
  • Select a Date in the drop-down calendar.
  • Tap the Web Lesson Plan field for which you would like to enter a Lesson Plan. The iPad keyboard displays.
  • To enter Web Homework, tap a field in the Web Homework area.
  • If you have selected Publish to Lesson Plan for a Grade Book Assignment, it will display in a separate box labeled Published from Grade Book, will be grayed out and will not allow you to edit.
  • To copy lesson plans to a different class section if you teach multiple sections of the same course, select a class name from the Copy To drop-down list and tap Copy.
  • Tap Save.
  • That's it!