Marta Agenjo

Madrid, Spain.

Madrid is a city of Spain. It is in the center of the country. It is a big city. It has approximately 3.000.000 inhabitants.

The climate in Madrid is similar to the climate in Ciudad Real. In winter it is cold and in summer it is hot.

Madrid is an old city. It was founded in the 9th century. It has a lots of monuments and things to see. Madrid is famous for its way of living. It is also famous because it is the capital of Spain.

In Madrid, you can see several museums, churches, palaces, gardens, etc. there are also a lot of shopping centers. Madrid has also got a lot of bars and restaurants.

There are lots of things to do in Madrid. You can go shopping and you can also visit museums, monuments, go to the cinema and the theater.

The main industries are technology and services. But tourism is very important too.

I think Madrid is a wonderful place. I really love it. Come and enjoy it!

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