Much Ado About Nothing

By: Alex Wojta

Jimmy Fallon- Benedick

Jimmy Fallon may not really be an actor but he still does skits and shows. He has a funny personality that makes the audience laugh with words or actions just like Benedick. Benedick and Jimmy Fallon both make the audience laugh which makes Jimmy Fallon a perfect match for Benedick.

Willem Dafoe- Don John

Willem Dafoe sorta looks like Don John but that is not the main reason they are a perfect match. Willem Dafoe is a villain that keeps the same face expressions as Don John. Although they might have different strategies in their plans, they both want the same goal to destroy someones life.


Theme- Song

Im Yours By: Jason Mraz

I'm yours is a song that is about a guy that wants has a crush on a girl a wants to tell her how he feels but he is too shy to do so. This relates to the play in two ways. The first is the love story between Claudio and Hero. Claudio is in love with Hero and is the same with Hero. The second is that Claudio doesn't really have the guts to ask her out himself which is the same situation as the man singing the song I'm Yours. In the end the song relates to the play Much Ado about Nothing with love and the shyness of man that cant confess to his crush.

Johnny Depp- Claudio

Johnny Depp has that happy look on his face when he acts which is the same for Claudio. But when they get mad or frustrated in a play or show they both have the same reaction. Although they might have many differences, they are both alike.