What's Up @ Skaggs?

January 11-15-College Week

Thanks Yous and Celebrations

  • Jackie is soon to be a Mrs.!!
  • We are so excited to have Kate back with us after her maternity leave!
  • Jeans next week IF you participate in College Week.
  • Thanks you to Nicole, Kyla and Laura for some fabulous professional development as we returned!
  • Thank you for returning and taking time to build relationships and practice procedures with you students.
  • Thank you for your time during CMIT to create intentional plans for your students.

Star Parking

Chera-with two stars!

"Thanks so much for caring about your students. You have a big heart."

"Thanks so much for brainstorming on how to help a student!"

Important Dates

1/11-1/15 College Week

1/12-Fire Drill and Lockdown @ 9:00

1/12-Tutoring Begins

1/13-Jamey at Principals' Mtg @ Sockwell 8-noon

1/13-TL Mtg @3:00


  • Please be sure to check the pod doors before Tuesday for the lock down drill. Remember to close pods FIRST then return to room to get students hid and out of sight. Lights are off and interior windows are covered.
  • I am working on a tutoring dismissal duty schedule. I will have it out later today or early Monday!
  • Please remember to be in the halls greeting students in the morning! This is expected for everyone unless you have duty!

Today's Terrific Tweet-Mrs. Buchmiller's Class meets Jeff the Tarantula

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