The Road to Perseverance

By: Prajeet Tripathy Q4 Periods 1-2

Tom Harken's struggle with literature from Words Failed Him (Cause/Effect)

For Tom Harken, literature wasn't his strongest subject. Tom Harken didn't learn English until he was an adult,! His teachers didn't motivate him, so he felt yielded. Because of his issues with leaving school, and not having his kids knowing that he can't read really hurt him. He ended up going after his goal and had conviction to learn English. As a result, Tom Harken ended up learning literature and told his sons that he couldn't read, their reactions were calm and sweet. He got the Horatio Alger Award and told everyone his secret with literature. He shocked everyone, and helped motivate others by telling them nothing is impossible. Because of his triumph and ambition in literature, he became a millionaire and a great motivator to others. Today he might be dead, but he inspired others with what he struggled with.

Oscar's optimistic life in Spare Parts (Sequence)

Oscar Vasquez, a successful engineer, a person that changed what everyone thought of illegal immigrants. He ventured through a lot of adversities that affected his life so much. First, Oscar wanted to work in the army to serve for all that America had done for him when he crossed the border. He ended up joining the robotics team and entered into a underwater robot competition with the help of Freddy, Christian, Luis, Lorenzo, and Allen. The team was adhere to Oscar since he ended up being the team leader. Next, they built a robot that could compete with the other colleges, including MIT. Oscar ended up being the leader for the group and came up clutch by taking the controls of the robot when a group member couldn't go to the competition. Finally, after beating all the colleges like MIT, Oscar went for a career in engineering. He ended up having a family, but decided to deport himself from all that was going on around him with illegal immigrants. Soon, Oscar got a visa and moved back to the US to continue with engineering. One day, Oscar decided to go to the army and is now currently part of the army.
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Jason Witten's story, a story on abuse (Description Writing)

Jason Witten, a NFL player, a victim of child abuse had to muster a lot of his life wih what was going on in his childhood. Jason Witten was born on May 6 1982, his parents Eddie and Kim had some rough times with the kids. An example of this is that Eddie was an alcoholic and took drugs, he would abuse Jason's brothers and his mom. Another reason is that Eddie was always inadequate and because of that, Jason Witten had no one to look up to. Jason, would be a victim and watch the whole thing and barely would get abused by his dad. One day, Jason's mom Kim, had enough and left Eddie. Jason and his brothers had to move with their grandparents, where Jason Witten found his role model. From that point on, Jason Witten joined the football team for his high school and made it to varsity football. With his grandparents being encouragements, Jason Witten went to the college University of Tennessee. Later, after a very strong career in college football, Jason Witten decided to enter into the 2003 NFL Draft. His life changed forever after he got drafted to the Dallas Cowboys playing tight end. Jason Witten ended up starting an organization for people that were victims of domestic violence, and has kids that he wants to be role models for. Jason Witten, a future HOF, went through so much to get to where he is, and now he encourages others to fight through it and stay strong for what's to come. Because he was resolved to football, his dreams ended up being true. Especially, now he's a role model for a lot of people in the world.
E:60 Jason Witten (Full Segment HD)

The similarities and differences between Sam and Felix in Ways to Live Forever (Compare/Contrast)

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Caine's conflict with his arcade and how he has hope everyday for customers (Problem and Solution)

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