Red Blazer Girls: Vanishing Violin

By: Michael D. Beil

Shane Van Gorder

Main character: Sophie St. Pierre. Sophie is a brave, adventurous girl who is best friends with Margaret Wrobel, a violinist. She plays guitar.

Secondary characters:

Margaret Wrobel: Margaret is a very intelligent girl who is very good at playing the violin.

Rebecca Chen: Brave, adventurous girl who likes to try new things and plays the bass.

Leigh Ann: Smart and brave girl who always sticks by her friends side.

Rafael: Sophie's "boyfriend".

Mr. Chernofsky: He owns a violin shop downtown, and he is stolen from throughout the course of the book.

Jaz: Works at Perkatory, as a waitress.

Livvie Clack: The girls' un-wanted group member in their apostrophe project.

Sister Bernadette: School principle

Ben: Mr. Chernofsky's apprentice in the violin shop.

Sister Eugena: She helps Ben when he is in need of a place to stay.

The problem of the book is that Mr. Chernofsky has a valuable viloin in his shop, that was stolen one night, and the Red Blazer Girls must solve the mystery to get the violin back.


The climax is when Margaret sees something she has missed the whole time she was searching the violin shop for clues. She noticed that when Jaz used the light bulb rod to take out the light bulbs high in the air, that it was long enough to reach in thru a window in Mr. Chernofsky's shop. She looked at the window, and she knew that she was right when she saw different color glue where Jaz had replaced the window when she had unlocked the door with the rod.


One clue is when Margaret realized the the trick to the light bulb rod, and the second clue is the door leading from the violin shop to Perkatory, and the third was when Jaz had gotten anxious when Margaret started to lay out the way the intruder had gotten in the shop.


I would rate this book about a 8 out of 10 because it had very good detail, but some things were easy to predict.