Getting Through The Bad Times

By: Thera Bowen

How To Get Your Food Sold At Universal Studios

A man named John in the story the Sweet smell of success had the ambitious dream to sell roasted nuts at Universal and thats exactly what he ended up doing and this is how he did it.

  1. Quit your job and go full time food cart salesman
  2. Make your food taste really good
  3. Get inspired enough to want your cart at Universal and you won't except anything else
  4. Talk to the executives using a lot of eloquence and don't yield until you make it
  5. Be resilient and don't take no as an answer
  6. Have them try your food
  7. Be overwhelmed when they sign your contract
  8. Sell the food and do good in your business
All of that is how John showed perseverance throughout his journey to get his food sold at universal studios.

The Road To Victory

In the movie Rudy, Rudy got trough his life with a lot of resilience since he was faced with many, many adversities or problems that he didn't yield to but instead found a solution. A few of his many problems that he overcame were his friend dying, his family not supporting him, not having good grades, and not getting accepted into Notre Dame year after year. To help fix his problems he talked to the priest who inspired him to keep going and trying really hard in order to fulfill his dreams and get into Notre Dame. Whenever Rudy was challenged he never faltered and with the priest's solution to get good grades at another college and then apply, he finally got in his senior year. He kept persevering and finally triumphed and made it in and got onto the football team making his lifelong dream a reality.

Good Things Come To People Who Try

Another great example of perseverance is the story The Power of the creative spirit. Eula Hall was inspired to make a badly needed medical clinic to help sick human beings in her tiny town, and that's exactly what she did. At first she worked really hard to get any willing doctor to help her and she was overwhelmed since so many caring people wanted to help out her blossoming organization. But one night it all burned down in bright red flames. When it burned she didn't falter, instead she had resilience and tried to build a brand new clinic. She put all of her money into trying to get a new clinic and with donations and other help she persevered through all the adversity's that she had, and helped make other people's lives better.

Being An Unwanted Child

In the book Chinese Cinderella a little girl named Adeline was born into a family that blamed her for her mother's death since she died giving birth to her. The first thing that she ever understood was that nobody liked her and that she killed her mom. As she grew older her dad remarried and forgot or at least tried to forget about her and her brothers. Then later on in her life they just decided to get rid of get and sent her off to a boarding school. To her parents she was very petty and inadequate. Down the road when she was 12 or so she wrote a play with such eloquence it convinced her father she was worth something and he let her go to college with her brother. She was so overwhelmed that she was going to England for college that she almost thought her father was joking when he said that because all the adversities she persevered through she finally got to go to a place she only dreamed about.